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Quotes on Self Confidence

First Believe in Yourself With These Quotes on Self Confidence


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You can gain a lot from these quotes on self confidence. Find your strength or will power with these wonderful quotes that build your self confidence.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe
Trust yourself, then you will know how to live.

Thomas Jefferson
We confide in our strength, without boasting of it; we respect that of others, without fearing it.

We will either find a way, or make one.

Norman Vincent Peale
What seems impossible one minute becomes, through faith, possible the next.

Theodore Roethke
What we need are more people who specialize in the impossible.

Bertrand Russell
What we need is not the will to believe, but the wish to find out.

Brian Tracy
Whatever we expect with confidence becomes our own self-fulfilling prophecy.

Terry Bradshaw
What's the worst thing that can happen to a quarterback? He loses his confidence.

Leonardo Da Vinci
When you are alone you are all your own.

Brian Tracy
When you engage in systematic, purposeful action, using and stretching your abilities to the maximum, you cannot help but feel positive and confident about yourself.

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