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Quality Quotes

A Select Collection of Quality Quotes


It is hard to say what quality really means. Is it perfection? Or is it matching of expectations? For a well developed perspective on quality, read these quality quotes by the wise.

George Washington
Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation. It is better be alone than in bad company.

C. W. Barron
Everything can be improved.

Lou Holtz
I won't accept anything less than the best a player's capable of doing... and he has the right to expect the best that I can do for him and the team!

Zig Ziglar
If standard of living is your major objective, quality of life almost never improves, but if quality of life is your number one objective, your standard of living almost always improves.

Martin Van Buren
It is easier to do a job right than to explain why you didn't.

Ralph Waldo Emerson
It is not length of life, but depth of life.

Mahatma Gandhi
It is the quality of our work which will please God and not the quantity.

Josh Billings
One of the rarest things that a man ever does, is to do the best he can.

Bob Moawad
Quality begins on the inside... and then works its way out.

W. Edwards Deming
Quality is everyone's responsibility.

William A. Foster
Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.

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