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Robert Louis Stevenson Poems

Poem Lyrics of Some of the Best Robert Louis Stevenson Poems


Here are the poem lyrics of some of the best Robert Louis Stevenson poems. To make your browsing more effective, I have included a bit of each poem after the title.

At Last She Comes
Robert Louis Stevenson
At last she comes, O never more
In this dear patience of my pain

Robert Louis Stevenson
My first gift and my last, to you
I dedicate this fascicle of songs -
The only wealth I have:
Just as they are, to you.

Envoy For "A Child's Garden of Verses"
Robert Louis Stevenson
Whether upon the garden seat
You lounge with your uplifted feet
Under the May's whole Heaven of blue;
Or whether on the sofa you,

Epitaphium Erotii
Robert Louis Stevenson
Here lies Erotion, whom at six years old
Fate pilfered. Stranger (when I too am cold,
Who shall succeed me in my rural field),
To this small spirit annual honours yield!

Fear Not, Dear Friend, But Freely Live Your Days
Robert Louis Stevenson
Fear not, dear friend, but freely live your days
Though lesser lives should suffer. Such am I,
A lesser life, that what is his of sky
Gladly would give for you, and what of praise.

Fixed is the Doom
Robert Louis Stevenson
Fixed is the doom; and to the last of years
Teacher and taught, friend, lover, parent, child,
Each walks, though near, yet separate; each beholds
His dear ones shine beyond him like the stars.

Flower God, God of the Spring
Robert Louis Stevenson
Flower god, god of the spring, beautiful, bountiful,
Cold-dyed shield in the sky, lover of versicles,
Here I wander in April
Cold, grey-headed; and still to my

God Gave to Me a Child in Part
Robert Louis Stevenson
God gave to me a child in part,
Yet wholly gave the father's heart:
Child of my soul, O whither now,
Unborn, unmothered, goest thou?

I Do Not Fear to Own Me Kin
Robert Louis Stevenson
I do not fear to own me kin
To the glad clods in which spring flowers begin;
Or to my brothers, the great trees,
That speak with pleasant voices in the breeze,

Let Love Go, If Go She Will
Robert Louis Stevenson
Let love go, if go she will.
Seek not, O fool, her wanton flight to stay.
Of all she gives and takes away
The best remains behind her still.

Men Are Heaven's Piers
Robert Louis Stevenson
Men are Heaven's piers; they evermore
Unwearying bear the skyey floor;
Man's theatre they bear with ease,
Unfrowning cariatides!

My Shadow
Robert Louis Stevenson
I have a little shadow that goes in and out with me,
And what can be the use of him is more than I can see.
He is very, very like me from the heels up to the head;
And I see him jump before me, when I jump into my bed.

Now Bare to the Beholder's Eye
Robert Louis Stevenson
Now bare to the beholder's eye
Your late denuded bindings lie,
Subsiding slowly where they fell,
A disinvested citadel;

Now When the Number of My Years
Robert Louis Stevenson
Now when the number of my years
Is all fulfilled, and I
From sedentary life
Shall rouse me up to die,

Since Thou Hast Given Me This Good Hope, O God
Robert Louis Stevenson
Since thou hast given me this good hope, O God,
That while my footsteps tread the flowery sod
And the great woods embower me, and white dawn
And purple even sweetly lead me on

Strange Are the Ways of Men
Robert Louis Stevenson
Strange are the ways of men,
And strange the ways of God!
We tread the mazy paths
That all our fathers trod.

Tales of Arabia
Robert Louis Stevenson
Yes, friend, I own these tales of Arabia
Smile not, as smiled their flawless originals,
Age-old but yet untamed, for ages
Pass and the magic is undiminished.

The Far-Farers
Robert Louis Stevenson
The broad sun,
The bright day:
White sails
On the blue bay:

The Wind Blew Shrill and Smart
Robert Louis Stevenson
The wind blew shrill and smart,
And the wind awoke my heart
Again to go a-sailing o'er the sea,
To hear the cordage moan

What Man May Learn, What Man May Do
Robert Louis Stevenson
What man may learn, what man may do,
Of right or wrong of false or true,
While, skipper-like, his course he steers
Through nine and twenty mingled years,

When the Sun Come After Rain
Robert Louis Stevenson
When the sun comes after rain
And the bird is in the blue,
The girls go down the lane
Two by two.

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