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Sex in the City Quotes

Top Sex in the City Quotes


I get reader mail asking for a collection of Sex in the City quotes. Very often, people mistake the name of HBO's hit series as sex in the city. While you could argue that these are indeed Sex in the City quotes, the correct name of the show is Sex and the City. So, the next time you hear someone asking for Sex in the City quotes, you know what they are looking for.

Miranda: I just faked a sonogram.

Miranda: It's amazing. In a courtroom, reasonable doubt can get you off for murder. In an engagement, it makes you feel like a bad person.

Carrie: Great love stories are supposed to end with tragedy and tears, not papers from the law offices of Gold & Vogel.

Carrie: I'm homeless! I'll be a bag lady! A Fendi bag lady, but a bag lady!!

Miranda: "Best" is the worst.
Samantha: "Best" is like saying "not love."

Berger, <about Carrie's furry heels>: What do you have there, a pet?

<Berger is shocked by the price of a Prada shirt.>
Prada Salesguy: But you will wear it forever!
Berger: Yeah, I'd have to! Does it also somehow open into a small studio apartment?

Carrie, about Steve's new girlfriend: Well, did you see her?
Miranda: Just her shoes and her nails.
Carrie: And?
Miranda: Both acrylic.

Miranda: I just got Brady to sleep.
Dr. Leeds: Now, do you sing to him?
Miranda: Only if he's been bad.

<Carrie is crying in a restaurant.>
Big: She's fine. Can you bring some extra napkins... and some violins?

Cab Driver: No smoking in cab.
Carrie: Sir, we're talking up the butt, a cigarette is in order.

Carrie: But I rationalized that my new shoes shouldn't be punished just because I can't budget.

Amalita: Listen, I want you to come and meet the world's most fabulous man.
Carrie: Sounds like a trendy sideshow act.

Carrie: Faced with her own inadequacy, Samantha did something only Samantha could do -- she threw an I-don't-have-a-baby shower, to let everyone know she was fabulous.

<getting fitted for bridesmaids dresses...>
Charlotte: Carrie, you're right, you have to tell him. But not before the wedding, it's supposed to be my week.
Miranda: It's your day. You get a day. Not a week.

Charlotte: So, how are you?
Carrie: I'm good, how are you?
Charlotte: Great.
Carrie: I told Aidan about the affair and he broke up with me.
Charlotte: Trey and I never had sex on our honeymoon.
Carrie: You win. <pause> So should we get more coffee or should we get two guns and kill ourselves?

Samantha: I'm dating a guy with the funkiest tasting spunk.

Samantha: There isn't enough wall space in NYC to hang all of my exes. Let me tell you, a lot of them were hung.

Sex and the City Quotes

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