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Find Appropriate Birthday Wishes for Cards and Messages

In the age of text messages and tweets, has the birthday card lost its relevance? I think not! It is still sweet to receive a card from near and dear ones. Here are some quotations that you can use in birthday cards.

Birthday Greetings
Birthday greetings bring us cheer and happiness. They remind us of who we are and what we want to be. They also remind us that we are blessed to have so many loving people around us. Here are some beautiful birthday greetings.

Birthday Greeting
Birthdays are important milestones, a time to count our joys and forget our sorrows. Enjoy each birthday as a celebration of life. Make your birthday special by reflecting on each birthday greeting on this page.

Birthday Messages
The birthday messages you write reflect your attitude towards life. Do you like to look at life as a big picture? Or do you enjoy each individual moment? Here are some wonderful birthday messages. Share them with your special friends and loved ones. Touch hearts and help people know you better.

Birthday Message
Want to say something more than just a "happy birthday?" Go ahead and use a quote on this page to make your birthday message special. You will be remembered for your kind words and wisdom.

Birthday Greeting Cards
Visit a gift shop and you will get inundated with birthday greeting cards. But only a select few attract your attention. What distinguishes ordinary birthday greeting cards from the special ones is the choice of words. Use powerful expressions to create an impact. That's the best way to ensure that your card stays on top of the pile.

Birthday Card Sayings
I enjoy personalizing the birthday cards that I give my dear ones. A birthday card with a personalized message shows that you truly care and do not settle for an off-the-shelf product. It adds meaning to your relationships. Making your own birthday cards is not difficult if you have the right birthday card sayings available. So, here is an...

Birthday Card Sayings
These are quotations that you can share with your friends or loved ones on their birthdays. Each quote is a pearl of wisdom. Make an impact on your friends with these inspiring birthday quotes.

Inspirational Birthday Quotes
Read inspirational birthday quotes to give you a morale boost on your birthday. These birthday quotes motivate you to achieve more.

Birthday Humor: Tickle Your Friends With Funny Birthday Messages
Use witty lines and funny quips to cheer up your friends on their birthday. Here are some funny birthday messages for a wacky celebration.

Best Wishes for Birthday
Birthday wishes make you feel special. They fill your heart with the energy to enjoy life. Here are some of the best birthday wishes that you can use to make your loved ones feel special.

Birthday Wishes
Birthday wishes that come straight from the heart can alter someone's life. Don't just send ordinary birthday wishes to your loved ones. They deserve more. Your birthday wishes can become messages of love, inspiration, and kindness.

Happy Birthday Wish
There are birthday wishes and then there are birthday wishes. But to make a truly special birthday wish you have to blend together many beautiful phrases. Here are some quotes that I like to use in creating a personalized happy birthday wish.

Happy Birthday Wishes
When you convey heartfelt happy birthday wishes to your loved ones, you communicate more than a few words. Strengthen your bond of love with these memorable happy birthday wishes.

Birthday Wishes Messages
Birthdays are joyous occasions. You feel on top of the world when messages of love and blessings pour in from all directions. Likewise, you can make the birthdays of your loved ones truly memorable with genuine expressions of love. Here are birthday wishes and messages that convey your thoughts.

Birthday Wish Quotes
Birth symbolizes a beginning. But each passing year brings with it a reduced allusion to eternity. Make a birthday wish that inspires you to live zealously. These birthday wish quotes remind you of your majestic existence.

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