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Quotes by Famous Singers

Conveying one's thoughts through melody and music! What a delightful idea! Here are quotes by famous singers that give us an insight into pop culture.

Drake Love Quotes
When it comes to music, Drake is a talented artist. His love quotes from his music will touch you. If you enjoy Drake's music, you will enjoy this collection of Drake love quotes.

Miley Cyrus Quotes
When I first watched Hannah Montana, I was reminded of Barbie doll coming alive on stage. She has all the energy of a rock star, with the cuteness of a doll. When I learned that she was a singing sensation too, I realized that the world has found its teen icon. I can't say that I am a fan, but I am undoubtedly enthralled by her charismatic presence. Get a peek into the world of Hannah Montana wit…

Famous Singers
Life is a perceptual rhythmic experience. The ups and downs of life synchronize with the cadence of music in a classic masterpiece. Little joys accentuate the pace while the blues cause a drop in the tempo. Then there is hope and a new beginning, a rise to a crescendo. So sing along and groove to the music with your favorite singers adding to the rhythm of life.

Tupac Shakur Quotes
American rap artist Tupac Shakur had many aces up his sleeve. He was a producer, rap artist, poet, and activist, all rolled into one. Tupac Shakur led a tumultuous life, albeit a short one. Tupac sold over seventy-five million albums to date, thus becoming the all-time highest selling rap artist. Even after his death, Tupac Shakur continues to...

John Lennon Quotes
John Winston Ono Lennon was one of the founders of The Beatles. With John Lennon as the uncrowned king of the band, The Beatles achieved great heights in music history. As a person, John Lennon came across as a cynic with a wry sense of humor. When asked by a reporter about the reason for the success of his music, he retorted, "If we knew, we'd form another group and be managers."

Bob Marley Quotes
Nobody would have thought that Bob Marley, a Jamaican musician of humble origins, would gain international acclaim. But Bob Marley left his indelible impression in the music world with his reggae songs such as "I Shot the Sheriff," "No Woman," "No Cry," "Three Little Birds," "Exodus," "Could You Be Loved," among others. He died at the young age...

J Lo Quotes: Mesmerising J Lo Quotes From Her Heart
J Lo is the name assigned by the world. Jennifer Lopez, the singing sensation has her heart in the right place. And so we believe when we read J Lo quotes on issues like love, life and work. Want to know more? Read this page of J Lo quotes.

Jennifer Lopez Quotes: Best of Jennifer Lopez Quotes
Jennifer Lopez is a name to reckon with in the music industry. She created the necessary ripples of popularity. Now she has huge fan following all over the world. Jennifer Lopez fans! Here is a great new way to know your icon. Read the best of Jennifer Lopez quotes and get to know her inside out.

Eminem Quotes: Quotes From Eminem For Die Hard Eminem Fans
Eminem is quite the rage with music lovers the world over. He is the most successful rapper in music history. For all you Eminem fans, here is a good collection of eminem quotes. Read his mind, know your music God.

Stupid Britney Spears Quotes
Britney Spears has created a rage with her blockbuster music albums year after year. She is probably the most sought after celebrity on the Internet. Britney Spears quotes are very popular with her fans. Here are some exclusive collections of Britney Spears quotes. Read stupid Britney Spears quotes and other quotes from Britney Spears to know more about this popular youth icon.

Quotes From Britney Spears
Britney Spears captures the fascination of millions of fans around the world with her onstage seduction and her golden voice. If you are a fan of Britney Spears, here is a special treat: quotes from Britney Spears. Enter the world of Britney Spears through her own quotes, learn what she likes, who she is and what does she think about love. Read...

Madonna Quotes
Madonna created a furor with her rebellious music, explicit songs, and brash performances. Yet, Madonna ruled the stage with her electric performance. Music fans wanted more. Her distinct fashion set a trend for others to follow. Get to know the true Madonna through her words. Read these Madonna quotes and decode the queen of music.

Quotes About Elvis Presley: Famous Quotes About Elvis Presley
Nobody refrained from voicing his or her opinions about Elvis Presley. Some of them were harsh in judgment; while other put him on a higher pedestal. Whichever way you see, Elvis Presley was a strong influence that people could not choose to ignore. Here is a collection of quotes about Elvis Presley made by the movers and shakers of society....

Elvis Presley Quotes: King of Music Elvis Presley Quotes
The undisputed King of Rock and Roll music, Elvis Presley, still rules in the hearts of millions of his fans worldwide. What began as a fad in music in the 1960s, almost became the way the world loved to sing. Elvis Presley wooed his fans with his inimitable performances. Fans crooned to his songs. On August 16, the music legend died at a young...

Elvis Quotes: Best of Elvis Quotes
There is more to Elvis Presley than just music. Known as the living legend in rock and roll music, Elvis Presley revolutionized the way the world understood and loved music. On this page, you have some of the best of Elvis quotes that gives you a glimpse into his life. find out more about Elvis' life and love; and all that you never knew about your favorite musician.

More Quotes About Elvis: More Celebrity Quotes About Elvis
Elvis Presley had millions of fans rocking and swinging to his music. Yet there were skeptics who saw a different picture. As Elvis grew more famous, critics and admirers had their share of opinion and insight to reveal to the world. Here are more celebrity quotes about Elvis. You may have always loved your favorite singer, but you may have never known a few dimensions of his personality.

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