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Friendship Day Quotes to Build Long Lasting Relationships

Legends of friendship have been famous through the ages. The friendship between Damon and Pythias, and Achilles and Patroclus, are well known. Today, we honor our friends on Friendship Day with cards and messages. Here are some beautiful collections of Friendship Day quotes.

Friendship Is the Only Ship That Does Not Sink
Friendship Day is the occasion to celebrate the bond of love that unites people across all races, religion, and society. Whether they are near or far, share these friendship quotes with your dear friends and draw them closer to your heart.

Happy Friendship Day Quotes
On Friendship Day, do something special for your friend. Inspire your friend to kick a bad habit, or encourage her to follow her dreams. Stand by your friend when she needs you and demonstrate your loyalty. If you hit a rough patch, share these Happy Friendship Day quotes with her and express your love.

Friendship Day Quotes
Take a moment to count your friends. Now ask yourself, how many of them are your true friends? You would be lucky to have at least one true friend. In most cases, people have friendly acquaintances, but very few true friends. Celebrate Friendship Day with these Friendship Day quotes.

Best Friendship Day Quotes
Friendship is like water. It is the elixir of life; pure and clear. But when doubt and suspicion cloud friendship, it becomes murky. Here is a collection of some of the best Friendship Day quotes. Read them for inspiration and share them to build the bond of friendship.

Quotes on Friendship Day
Friends come in all colors. Make sure your friends are right for you. Here are quotes on Friendship Day to inspire you to find the right kind of friend.

Friendship Day Wishes
Celebrate Friendship Day with your dearest friends. Make friendship pacts, gift your friends a token of love and appreciation.

Funny Friendship Day Quotes
On Friendship Day, make your friends roll with laughter with these funny quotes. Reveal your wicked sense of humor and celebrate the day.

Happy Friendship Day Wishes
Friendship is like a plant that needs to be nurtured. In return, your friendship will reap you a lifetime of goodwill and happiness. Here are some happy Friendship Day wishes to help you nurture your friendship.

Friendship Day
A true friend is the one who stands by you through thick and thin. Read more about friendship, true friends, good and bad friends in this article on Friendship Day quotes.

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