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Hurt Quotes and Sayings

Hurt quotes and sayings help you cope with the anguish of betrayal, rejection, and abandonment. Before you lose your self-esteem, learn to mend your heart with inspiration and wisdom. Just as a doctor offers treatment to heal your physical wound, these hurt quotes and sayings offer insight and encouragement to heal your inner self. Allow the healing to begin, and embrace life with a new dream.

Unrequited Love Quotes
Can't get over the rejection of your love? Take heart in these unrequited love quotes. Let the grief ebb from your heart with the soothing words of the wise. This article helps you to move on with your life.

Sorry Quotes
When you say sorry, your words should reflect your true feelings. A casual sorry speaks of callousness and insensitivity. Use these sorry quotes to express your regret meaningfully.

Hurt Love Quotes
Heal the broken heart with soothing words of love. Hurt love quotes are beautiful expressions of sadness, inspiration, and love. Let love blossom in the broken heart once more. Life is too short to waste on self-pity.

You Hurt Me Quotes
If you have been hurt, you have every right to avenge your pain. You must make your aggressor realize how much you are hurting. But why use harsh words to avenge the hurt? Use the powerful expression in these "you hurt me" quotes to bring your aggressor to his knees.

Love Hurts Quotes
Sometimes, love hurts. The abrasions of love have inspired many a great writer. From Shakespeare to Jane Austen, writers have at some time or the other dwelt upon the anguish called love. A few of the following quotes bring out the heartaches caused by love in the most striking manner.

Quotes About Being Hurt
These quotes about being hurt can help soothe your pain. If you are going through a difficult phase, use these quotes about being hurt to recuperate from emotional distress.

Hurt Quotes
Release the pain in your heart with these hurt quotes. It is not easy to cope with grief when you are hurting. A few words of advice, and some soothing wisdom, will help you overcome the pain.

Break-up Quotes
Break-up is a sad loss. It shatters lives. But is a break-up bad? If the circumstances before the break-up were intolerable, then the break-up may actually be good for the couple. It is better to break-up with an abusive partner than to continue living with the torture. Of course, you will still have trouble coping with the loss. But it is time...

Heartbreak Love Quotes
When you are deeply in love, heartbreak can be traumatic. If you are going through a period of heartbreak, you must accept the fact that life goes on and so must you. Face those feelings of rejection and anger by acknowledging them, dealing with them, and then achieving closure. The most important thing is to get in touch with reality. Here are...

Quotes About Heartbreak
People suffering from heartbreak find their body and mind reacting strangely even in normal situations. They experience mood swings. They avoid places and people that bring up nostalgic memories. And heartbreak songs make them weep uncontrollably. If you are facing a similar heartbreak syndrome, don't despair. Here are soothing quotes about...

Love and Heartbreak Quotes
A famous adage goes as follows: "A friend is one who walks in when others walk out." All those who have had their hearts trampled upon will agree that the presence of a friend can ease the pain. So, if you have a friend going through a tough heartbreak, make sure to be around. If you find yourself at a loss of words, don't fret. These love and...

Heartbreak Quote
While a lot has been written about the jubilation of falling in love, much less has been written about the downside of love -- heartbreak. If you are looking for a heartbreak quote to assuage those hurt feelings, you have come to the right destination. Here you will find many a heartbreak quote that showcases the intensity and passion of...

Hurting Love Quotes
When a loved one inflicts pain, you hurt a lot. You feel betrayed. The pain lasts for some time, and self-doubt pervades your heart. That does not mean you should stop enjoying life. Read these hurting love quotes and feel inspired to find true love.

Apology Quotes
Remorse is an unbearable burden. It grows like a weed inside, expanding into all directions, till it chokes you. If you want to get rid of the remorse, you must apologize sincerely. Get inspired with these apology quotes, to make your apologies sincere and meaningful.

"I'm Sorry" Quotes
'I'm sorry' has lost its meaning. We use it almost mechanically. 'I'm sorry' is an expression for politeness, sarcasm, and rhetoric. How can you say 'I'm sorry' when you want to express your regret for something you did? These 'I'm sorry' quotes can make your words count.

Heartbreak Quotes
Have you ever faced a heartbreaking situation? You don't need to be a forlorn lover to have suffered heartbreak. People with high expectations from themselves are prone to heartbreak. I know old men and women who face heartbreak because of an irresponsible son. War-torn families struggle with heartbreaks too. Soothing words heal broken hearts...

Sad Quotes About Love
When you are heartbroken, life comes to a standstill. But don't let your despair cloud your thinking. Overcome sadness by reading sad quotes about love.

Funny Break Up Quotes
Laugh off your sorrow with a dash of humor. You need a dose of funny breakup quotes to quell the anger, grief, and frustration that fill your heart. Let humor be the balm to your broken heart.

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