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Valentine's Day Quotes

Those smitten by love do not need an excuse to demonstrate their feelings. But there is something about Valentine's Day that raises the romance quotient. Buried feelings of love erupt. Couples who were too caught up to express themselves, feel encouraged to get demonstrative.

Cute Valentines Day Quotes
Teens love to celebrate Valentine's Day. The heady mix of first love, freedom, and hormones make an interesting combination for Valentine's Day. Enjoy this collection of cute Valentines Day quotes and share it with the one you love. If you feel tongue-tied or nervous about confessing your love, use these cute Valentines Day quotes to woo your sweetheart.

Funny Valentines Day Quotes
Lovers, who share a similar sense of humor, stay together for long. Humor is the key to an evergreen relationship. If you want to win your lover's heart, use humor while whispering sweet nothings. With a dash of humor and love, make your day extra special with these funny Valentines Day quotes.

Celebrate Valentine's Day With Quotes
Learn the art of loving through quotes. On Valentine's Day, use words to woo your lover. Who needs a gift when you have the gift of words?

Anti Valentine's Day Sayings
Love is on sale. Look around you on Valentine's Day. Every retailer is cashing in on the Valentine's Day circus. Kitschy love cards, gigantic teddy bears, and stereotyped heart-shaped balloons fill the air. The only ones laughing their way to the banks are the ones who don’t care about the warm feeling called love. They only know about cold,...

Funny Valentine's Day Sayings
Tickle your darling's funny bone with funny Valentine's Day sayings. The bond of love grows stronger when you share a common sense of humor between your partner and you. Laughter also helps to ease out tensions, and conflicts between lovers. So make the most of these funny Valentine's Day sayings and emerge as the victorious lover.

Happy Valentine's Day Quotes
A new couple finds it easy to express love and adulation to each other. But people who have been in a relationship for long may find it difficult to articulate their feelings. Valentine's Day is a perfect occasion to reignite the dying embers of love. Wish your partner a Happy Valentine's Day with quotes of love. These Happy Valentine's Day...

Quotes for Valentine's Day
Give your Valentine the gifts of happiness, adulation, and love. Shower her with your passionate words and sweep her off her feet with your thoughtful words. These quotes for Valentine's Day can help you make your Valentine's Day special. Use these quotes for Valentine's Day to overwhelm her with your shower of love.

Valentine's Day Quotes For Friends
Valentine's Day is not just for lovers. You can also celebrate Valentine's Day with friends. If you have a special friend that you want to express your love, make the most of these Valentine's Day quotes for friends. Strengthen the bond of friendship with a simple act of love.

Valentine's Day Quote
If you are looking for a special Valentines Day quote that can leave your darling spellbound, you have come to the right page. Here are some tender, mellifluous words of love that can go any lover go weak in the knees. Select the most suitable Valentine's Day quote and use it in creative ways to attract your lover's attention.

Valentine's Day Quotes
Nothing hurts more than being forgotten by your lover on Valentine's Day. Often, couples have the biggest row after Valentine's Day because one partner forgot Valentine's Day. I can't promise a total turnaround after such a huge mistake. But if you want a quick patch up, here are some sweet Valentine's Day quotes.

Valentine's Day Quotes and Sayings
Enjoy these Valentine's Day quotes and sayings with your lover and share some tender moments of togetherness. Read this collection together and find what your partner enjoyed. This is the best way to get to know your partner's preferences and dislikes.

Valentine's Day Quotes: Funny
Set aside those mushy, sentimental words of love. Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to tease your lover with the naughty humor of these Valentine's Day quotes. Funny words may bring a smile, but witty jabs add a spark to the relationship. This Valentine's Day, get together with Valentine's Day quotes funny enough to make you roll on the...

Valentine's Quotes
If you are single, then Valentine's Day may not be greatest time of the year for you. Seeing other people celebrating their love can make one a tad envious. However, don't be let down. Lift your sagging spirits by reading these valentine's quotes and by dreaming of your own happily-ever-after.

Valentine's Day Sayings
If you have loved someone secretly, then Valentine's Day is the perfect occasion to bare your heart and let that special someone know how special they really are. While there are millions of time-tested ways to proclaim your love to your beloved, using quotations to articulate how you feel is a great decision. Try using a few of the following...

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