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Wedding Quotes and Wishes for Your Loved Ones

A wedding! The beginning of a long and happy married life! Shower compliments, best wishes, and blessings on the newly wed with some of the choicest wedding quotes that I have put together.

Wedding Quotes for Wedding Toasts
Have you felt tongue-tied when asked to make a wedding toast? Were you unable to put your thoughts into words? Here is a collection of twenty quotations that can be used for a wedding toast. Use these wedding toasts to appreciate the bride, the groom, and others at a wedding ceremony.

Wedding Toasts
What is your choice of a great quotation for a wedding toast?

Top 10 Quotes for Wedding Toasts
This is a top 10 list of wedding quotes about solemn promise, love, and celebration. Would you like to make a toast to the bride and the groom? How about a toast to the bridesmaids? In this list, find several fitting quotes for wedding toasts.

Best Wedding Toast
Wedding toasts hold special significance to the person making the toast and to the newly-weds. After all, it is the biggest day of their lives. As the one making the toast, you understand how special the occasion is and want to make the best wedding toast possible. Listed below, are a few quotes that could be used for creating the best wedding...

Quotes to Include in a Wedding Toast by the Groom
So you have found that special someone and are all set to tie the knot. She is the most beautiful, the kindest, and the loveliest person that you could ever have met. Committing to her makes you feel emotionally liberated. Include some of the following quotes to make your love feel special on the D-day. After all, the wedding toast by the groom...

Make a Funny Wedding Toast with These Quotes
Laughter is the best medicine. Adding a dose of laughter at the right time can not only win you brownie points as a public speaker but also help in breaking the ice with your audience. Your audience at a wedding, while you make a toast, is no exception to this rule. Here are a few quotations that can provide some comic relief when making a...

Wedding Toast Jokes
Since time immemorial, humor has been used as a buffer to temper emotional situations. Weddings are stirring and poignant occasions. While wedding toasts do make use of emotional words, one could also bring use the following quotes and add that much-needed dash of humor to a wedding toast.

Quotes to Include in Wedding Vows
A wedding is a bond of love and trust. The wedding vows should convey this promise, and hence, should be exceptional. But, writing original wedding vows is easier said than done. If you find yourself caught in this situation, just include some the following quotes. Rest assured that with the help of these quotes, you can make your beloved fall in love with you all over again.

Great Wedding Toast Ideas Include Great Quotations
When making a wedding toast you really need great ideas. No matter how hard you rack your brains, the ideas just won't come. In such situations use the following quotations to make your wedding toast exquisite and special.

Wedding Toast Quotes
It is amazing how the subject of marriage always elicits a response from everyone who is someone. Sometimes the most radical responses come from the most unexpected personalities. Here is a compilation of memorable quotations from famous personalities.

Quotes to Include in a Wedding Toast Speech
Weddings are joyous occasions for everybody. Friends and relatives join in the celebration. But what makes your good wishes really special is a beautiful wedding toast speech. A wedding toast speech is an excellent tool for close friends to communicate their feelings to the happy couple. Here are a few quotes that one could include in a wedding...

Quotes for Wedding Toast Speeches
Quotes by famous people can be used to spice up even the blandest of speeches. Here are a few interesting quotes that can be used to spice up wedding toast speeches.

Need Help Writing a Wedding Toast?
It is not surprising then that most of us find writing a wedding toast to be an extremely daunting task. However, you can make your task easier by using beautiful wedding quotes in your wedding toast.

Fill the Cup of Matrimonial Harmony With Wedding Wishes
Add to the joy of the occasion by sharing heartfelt wedding wishes. Express your feelings in beautiful words as you watch the newly weds bask in their happy celebration.

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