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Bible Quotes

Seek solace in the soothing words of the Bible. When your mind is disturbed, meditate with Bible quotes. These Bible quotes offer wisdom in a nutshell.

Bible Quotations
The Bible is a source of enlightenment and inspiration. Embark on a spiritual journey while you read these Bible quotations. The Bible has a word of advice for every seeker. If you have an unwavering faith in the words of the Bible, you will find peace in your heart.

Bible Quotation
Seek solace in the words of the Bible. Get answers to life's tough challenges. Find courage in your heart to face your troubles after you read these Bible quotations.

Bible Sayings
The Bible is rich in wisdom. Connect with your soul, with these bible sayings. These bible sayings will render solace to your heart whether you are happy or unhappy, in pleasure or in pain. Let us make our lives worthy with good thoughts and kind deeds. Let us allow the Bible to show us the way.

Proverbs 3
The Bible is a source of enlightenment for millions of Christians. The King James Version of the Bible is an English translation of the Christian Bible. It was convened at the time of King James I of England. If you read Proverbs 3 from the Bible, you will find a wealth of wisdom. Proverbs 3 teaches us the right way to live an honest and moral...

Bible Phrases
Did you know that several phrases that we commonly use in English originated from the Bible? An example is, "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth." So, apart from spiritual enlightenment you can also look to the Bible for language enrichment! Here is a list of some of the most popular Bible phrases that are commonly used in the English language.

Bible Proverbs
As I read Bible proverbs, I am startled by their accuracy and aptness. Bible proverbs have been the guiding light for innumerable Christians and people of other faiths. Each Bible proverb contains loads of wisdom, truth, and meaning. These Bible proverbs help you answer some tricky questions of life.

Quotes About Bible
The Bible is like the proverbial "elephant" that six blind men try to understand. Learned scholars and religious priests spend their lifetime studying the Bible. But no one can claim to know the complete truth. Read the views of famous authors like Martin Luther, Mark Twain, and Lord Tennyson by reading these quotes about the Bible.

Quotes From the Bible
Have you noticed that people who are spiritually inclined are also calm and serene? Spirituality calms the troubled mind and prayers bring solace to the soul. Read these quotes from the Bible if you want to start out on a spiritual journey.

Biblical Quotes
While some would say that no one can prove the existence of God, it is equally a fact that no one can refute the existence of a Supreme Being. These Biblical quotes have layers of insight and meaning. If you want to infuse spiritual values in your children, explain these Biblical quotes to them.

Quotes From Bible
When you are at crossroads and need to make a decision, what do you do? Turn to God for divine intervention. We pray to God to help us through tumultuous times. When you read these quotes from the Bible, you will know that God influences our life in many ways.

Bible Quotes
For several centuries the Bible has been a source of inspiration to Christians. The gospel imparts sublime lessons that are relevant even today. As Ronald Reagan aptly said, "Within the covers of the Bible are the answers for all the problems men face." Read the Bible for inspiration and guidance.

Jesus Quotes
Christians regard Jesus Christ as the Son of God. When you read the Jesus quotes on this page, you will realize that every word Jesus uttered was for the benefit of humankind. I had to read many pages of Jesus quotes before I narrowed down upon the following selection.

Jesus Quote
One of my basic missions is to keep plugging holes on the Quotations GuideSite. This means that I keep looking out for quotes that you want to read. I realized that many of my readers would want to read a soul-stirring Jesus quote or two. That is the inspiration behind this collection. Though there are barely a dozen Jesus quotes on this page, I have selected each one because it really stirred me.

Jesus Christ Quotes
Jesus Christ or Jesus of Nazareth has quite likely been the most influential person to alter the course of world history. Naturally, we expect a lot from Jesus Christ quotes. When you read the quotations on this page, you will realize that there is a lot to be gained from repeated reading of the Jesus Christ quotes on this page.

Quotes About Jesus
Recently, I put up a couple of collection of Jesus Christ quotes. But I also think that it will be exciting to read quotes about Jesus. What do the thought leaders of the world think about Jesus. Read the following quotes and you will know.

Famous Bible Quotes
There comes a time in life when you experience stillness of emotion. Your awareness of your guilt pushes you into an abyss of quietude, beyond the precincts of pain or sorrow. Surreptitiously, your misdeeds haunt you and nothing releases you from the pangs of strife and remorse. Take heart. There's always a beginning to be made. A positive change awaits you. Read these famous bible quotes and tra…

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