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Chinese Proverbs: Old Chinese Proverbs

Chinese proverbs are "layered". The superficial message becomes apparent immediately. But as one re-reads, one discovers deeper meaning. This collection of the best Chinese proverbs will explain why Chinese philosophers are seen as a source of great wisdom.

Top 10 Chinese Proverbs
Chinese proverbs are famous for their simplicity and depth. This is my selection of top 10 Chinese proverbs. Enjoy the simple narrative and appreciate these pithy sayings that take you back to first principles.

Choicest Ancient Chinese Proverbs
This is a handpicked selection of twenty of the best Chinese proverbs. If you have read Chinese proverbs, you know that they pack more wisdom per word than any other genre of quotations. Using examples and events from daily life, they underscore the basis of human existence.

Repertoire of Chinese Proverbs
This exhaustive collection is brought to you from the About guide to Chinese culture. It lists some of the best Chinese proverbs. Trust the expert to give you a feel of real Chinese tradition. The proverbs are alphabetically arranged for easy access.

Famous Chinese Proverbs
Collection of quotations for the category Famous Chinese Proverbs

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