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Courage Quotes

Life often brings with it some unpleasant situations that require a brave heart. Do you shirk away from challenges? Are you afraid of facing your worries? These inspirational courage quotes will boost your morale. Ponder on these insightful courage quotes and you will be able to face everyday challenges with confidence and courage.

Quotes of Courage
A courageous person is one who stands tall in times of adversity. She is someone who follows her convictions. You need a great deal of courage to reattempt a task after initial failure. Each time I read some quotes of courage I feel a surge of confidence that makes me feel that there is nothing I cannot do. Often, when problems loom large, I have found that reading some of these quotes of courage gives me renewed hope and a fresh perspective.

Courage Quote
It is easy to say that courage disappeared with the end of cavalry battles. Life may not be as dramatic as in the times of Troy, but courage continues to live on. Almost daily we hear about people, who risk their lives to rescue others; who take the road less traveled rather than the busy highway. Each courage quote here is a reminder that each of us needs courage to deal with everyday challenges. Alexander the Great had once said, "There is nothing impossible to him who will try."

Courage Quotations
As these courage quotations will show, fear has been around since forever. It is hard to summon enough courage to go on. But you cannot let your fears hold you back. You have to keep going, and maybe these courage quotations will help you do just that.

Courage Quotes
Remember the cowardly lion in The Wizard of Oz? The concept completely overturned the typical belief that lions are brave. That unique and subtle message teaches us that no matter how great someone is, no matter how fearful they appear to be, they too are bound to have fear. Each one of us has our own set of fears that stop us from attaining our true potential. If you find that you lack the courage to take that little step forward, here are some courage quotes to motivate you.

Bravery Quotes
Do you find yourself squirming out of sticky situations, instead of facing them? You need to pump up your courage. No, I am not here to advocate bungee jumping. But life can be meaningless without a little bit of courage.

What does it take to go against social norms? What does it take to challenge the wrong, to swim against the tide, and to stand for what is right? Courage is a virtue of the brave. It gives one the strength to move mountains. However, courage must never walk alone. It must be supplemented with wisdom. One must clearly comprehend what one needs to overcome. Find your courage in these quotes.

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