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Movie Quotes and TV Quotes: Funny Quotes from Movies and TV Shows

The world around us is becoming increasingly electronic. Is it then any wonder that movie quotes and TV quotes have deeply permeated into popular psyche? On this page, find links to funny movie quotes and funny TV quotes.
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Funny Quotes from Movies
It is difficult to decide what really makes comedies funny. Is it the perfect acting, the comic situation, or simply the funny lines? Whether it is classics like "The Gold Rush" or recent movies like "The Wedding Crashers," we have to be grateful to our moviemakers for a steady supply of humor. So let's raise a toast to funny quotes from movies and read some of them right here.

Funny Movie Quotes
There is more to movies than just entertainment. They can give company to the lonely, empathy to the distressed, and laughter to the sad. No wonder then that comedy is one of the most profitable genres in movie-making. The following is a set of quotes taken from funny movies.

Family Guy Quotations
When you read Family Guy quotations, you will either love them or hate them. But you have to agree – Family Guy quotations can make you sit up and take notice. If you are a movie quotes fan, here is a volley of hilarious Family Guy quotations. Read and enjoy!

Quotes From Family Guy
Here is a page of a great collection of quotes from Family Guy. What I find amazing about these quotes from Family Guy is that even after reading them for the third time (and I have read them several times by now!) I find myself smirking and giggling. What about you?

Quotes: Family Guy
If you are fond of funny quotes, by now, you may have come across several funny quotes. Family Guy, I believe has a collection of quotes which are quite different from the others. They are impudent; but they do leave you smiling.

Family Guy Quotes - Stewie Griffin
You may find these Family Guy quotes really funny; or downright sacrilegious. Stewie Griffin is not your stereotypical child. In fact, of all the Family Guy quotes, Stewie Griffin's quotes are most shocking.

Family Guy Quotes - Lois And Stewie
Brace yourself for a round of hard hitting Family Guy quotes. Lois and Stewie hardly share the mother-son relationship that you would expect. You are quite likely going to balk at the dark humor of these Family Guy quotes – Lois and Stewie present their worst!

Groucho Marx Quote
If you are a Groucho Marx fan, you will find your favorite Groucho Marx quote here. Groucho Marx became famous for his successful movies like "Monkey Business," "Horse Feathers," and "Duck Soup." You can read some of the famous quotes that made Groucho Marx a legendary comedian.

Groucho Marx Quotations
Groucho Marx quotations can be quite sarcastic. You cannot be sure whether he is being funny or insulting! Groucho knew that and often used clever insults as a witty retort. If you are not faint hearted, you will love these witty Groucho Marx quotations.

Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx quotes are funny -- I mean really funny. His one-liners are crafted with the highest level of skill and will always make you laugh.

Quotes of Groucho Marx
Groucho Marx was the most versatile among his brothers. The Marx brothers began their career as singers. But, they entered the hall of fame with their madcap comic shows. Having performed in several plays; including a few Broadway shows; the highly talented Groucho Marx proceeded to act in films. Some of his films are the greatest comedy...

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