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Outrageously Funny George Carlin Quotes

George Carlin is one of those stand-up comedians who have the nerve to question conventions. In fact, he has even invited trouble for broadcasting profanity on radio. But whether you like him or hate him, George Carlin cannot be ignored. Here are some funny George Carlin quotes. I have included only the "clean" jokes with due respect to the sensibilities of my readers.

Quotes From George Carlin
George Carlin's humor is outlandish. He teases your brain to work harder, pulls you out of your 'safety zone' and encourages you to dare. In a way, George Carlin's witty quotes inspire you to explore new horizons and come out of your self-imposed mental exile. Set your mind free with these witty quotes from George Carlin.

George Carlin Sayings
Read these George Carlin sayings with a straight face. I challenge you to try and best not to laugh; not even a smirk. Quite likely, you would be smiling after reading the second saying, smirking at the third one and doubling up in laughter by the time you reach the fourth George Carlin saying. It is tough to keep a straight face with George Carlin's sayings. He attacks common sense with a vengeance.

George Carlin Religion Quotes
George Carlin must have been God's favorite child. How else would someone who officially denounced God and religion get away with a lot of luck, fame and fortune?

George Carlin Quotes
Imagine a person who throws an avalanche of mind-numbing questions at you. His questions merit thought, but you are left scratching your head for insightful answers. At the end, his questions leave you frustrated and bamboozled. George Carlin is such person. These George Carlin quotes are loaded with thought provoking queries.

Quotes by George Carlin
Call him uncouth, or "in-your-face" if you will; but George Carlin has a charisma that enraptures everybody. He has a way of presenting the harsh truth with a topping of sarcasm. If you are in a poignant mood today, some of his humor might hit you right between the eyes.

George Carlin Quote
George Carlin is a class act. He knew how to get to his audience's funny bone. In fact, he has often mentioned in his interviews that "his purpose of existence is to entertain people." However, Carlin has often evoked strong reactions from many sections of society for his not-so-kind statements. If George Carlin is your kind of funny man, then you will enjoy the George Carlin quotes here.

George Carlin Quotations
You need to have some daredevilry to be a standup comedian like George Carlin. It's no wonder that Carlin has often found himself in the grips of controversies. His "Seven Dirty Words" comedy routine invited the wrath of the U.S. Supreme Court in 1972, which upheld that the comedy routine "Seven Dirty Words" was indecent, but not obscene. Of course, George Carlin was unfazed by the hullabaloo. Enjoy these George Carlin quotations which bring out his irreverent humor.

Carlin Quotes
George Carlin's irreverent humor is quite ticklish. One must appreciate his wit too. Read these humorous quotes and you will be surprised by his intelligent humor. These are some of the famous Carlin quotes that poke fun at everything. His witty questions can put a four year old to shame. If you think you have all the answers, Carlin has some questions for you.

George Carlin: Funny Quotes
When George Carlin is on stage, you have no choice but to give in to his humor. Carlin makes hilarious observations that make you double up in laughter. Here are some of my favorite George Carlin funny quotes. Get prepared for a round of laughs as wacky George Carlin takes you through an uninterrupted journey of laughter.

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