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God Quotes: Famous God Quotes

Regardless of whether you think of God as the 'father in heaven', or a great concept that holds together the structure of religion and good, you will like this collection of God quotes.

God Is Love
There is nothing more enthralling than the spiritual experience of knowing that God is love. Even in today's age of technology, many people exhibit complete faith in God. Life can be treacherous and sometimes one may doubt His existence. But no soul is bereft of opportunities to realize what happiness entails. God makes sure He speaks to each one of us in His own way. All we need to do is listen.…

God Quotes by Famous Poets and Authors
Would you like to know what the greatest poets and authors of the previous centuries had to say about God? Wouldn't it be great to find out how attitude towards god has changed with the passage of generations? This is a list of famous God quotes.

God Quotes
The concept of God seems loving and divine on one hand. But when one observes the God-men out there who are fighting and killing in the name of God, one really wonders. Here is a collection of God quotes that will inspire you to think deeper.

Short God Quotes
What does God mean to you? Do you pray to him everyday? Do you not believe in him? Are you offended by my use of 'him' to refer to God. In any case, I am sure that you will enjoy this collection of short God quotes.

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