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Love Quotes: Cute Love Quotes

Sometimes soft words of love can melt the toughest heart. Here is a page that gives you your heart's fill of love quotes. Fill your heart with some of the most romantic thoughts and words. They will make you a romantic if you are not one.
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Celebrate Love With Valentine's Day Quotes
Revel in the excitement of Valentine's Day with special Valentine's Day quotes. Share cozy moments of togetherness, and love with these special quotes.

Love. The pulse of life. The emotion that encapsulates all that is beautiful. Love is the essence of a relationship. Read along and enjoy the comforting emotion called love. It is amazing how this single emotion has woven itself so intricately into the fabric of our existence.

Quote on Love Life
While there are those who have been fortunate in finding the love of their life, there are others who are still searching for that someone special. Whichever category you fall into, the allure of the perfect love life fascinates each of us. The following quotes on "love life" discuss the ups and downs that one is likely to experience.

Love Quotes and Poetry
It is said that love can make a poet of anyone. However, it is quite possible that you may be in love and not be able to write any lyrical poetry. If you do wish to join the bandwagon and write a few verses, the following love quotes and poetry could inspire you.

Love and Hate Quote
Of the many contradictions that exist in the world, the contrast between love and hate is perhaps the starkest. It is one that helps us value true love while understanding the ramifications of hatred. A few of the following love and hate quotes bring out the exceptionality of this contrast.

Love Quotes
Some love quotes are universally applicable precious words of wisdom. They are the insights of people, who like us, have learnt through their experiences. The following love quotes focus on insights that people have gained into the all-time favorite subject of love.

Love Quote
A lot of us find it easy to fall in love. But most of us find expressing the feeling of love a whole lot more difficult than being in love. If you experience this too, read a love quote or two to help you express how you feel about being in love.

Famous Love Quote
What do Victor Hugo, Carl Jung, John Lennon, Louisa May Alcott, and Socrates have in common? The answer is that they have all commented on the ways of love. Love as a subject has found favor with many. If you are looking for a famous love quote, you will quite likely find it on this page.

Famous Love Quotes
"There is no remedy for love but to love more" (Thoreau). If this quote rings a bell, so will the ones that follow. This page is a collection of famous love quotes by great personalities including Mother Teresa, Aristotle, and Voltaire.

A List of the Choicest Love Quotations
This is a selection of my favorite love quotations. Read what Buddha, Confucius, Voltaire, Mother Teresa, Aristotle, and others had to say about true love.

I Love Him Quotes
Tell your boyfriend how much you love him. Express your innermost feelings with eloquent words of love. Say, "I love him" with quotes that reveal your hidden emotions.

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