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Humorous Love Quote
Humor is like spice: the right amount can make a delicacy out of a bland meal. That's right, I said, "the right amount." So when it comes to using humor with your loved ones, why take a chance? Use a humorous love quote from this page to season your words with the right amount of humor.

Famous Love Quote
What do Victor Hugo, Carl Jung, John Lennon, Louisa May Alcott, and Socrates have in common? The answer is that they have all commented on the ways of love. Love as a subject has found favor with many. If you are looking for a famous love quote, you will quite likely find it on this page.

Famous Quotes About Love
Some quotes are forgotten; while others go on to make history. Some become so famous that they acquire the status of platitudes. These platitudes then go on to become adages. Here are a few famous quotes about love that have become legends in their own right.

Famous Love Quotes
"There is no remedy for love but to love more" (Thoreau). If this quote rings a bell, so will the ones that follow. This page is a collection of famous love quotes by great personalities including Mother Teresa, Aristotle, and Voltaire.

True Love Quotes
Love can be tricky. Barring a lucky few, love manages to trick and elude most of us. Whether you have been fortunate enough to find true love or are still on its trail, read these true love quotes and find out what others have to say about it.

Quotes About Finding Love
True love is so precious that it is said, "If you find true love, make sure you learn to keep it." So, if you have embarked on a treasure hunt to find the perfect love, the following quotes about finding love should direct you in your quest.

Quotes of Love
We learn from our own experiences. Often, our experiences turn out to be the most enriching moments of our lives. Given a chance, some of us would love to share the lessons that we have learnt. The love quotes given below demonstrate the romantic experiences of some famous people.

Love Quotes and Poetry
It is said that love can make a poet of anyone. However, it is quite possible that you may be in love and not be able to write any lyrical poetry. If you do wish to join the bandwagon and write a few verses, the following love quotes and poetry could inspire you.

Best Love Quotes
Sometimes even the best minds fail to come up with words that rise up to the occasion and fulfill the need of the hour. This is especially true for matters that are close to the heart. At such times quotations often come to the rescue and act as pleasant fillers. The following are probably the best love quotes that could save you if you are ever faced with such a situation.

Good Love Quote
Everyone needs to use a good love quote at one time or another. While some of us use such quotations to discuss the subject of love in public, there are others who may need these quotes while talking to their loved ones. Here are a few good love quotes that you could and would want to use at different times.

Love Proverb
They say, "Love is all you need." Who is this "they?" Who are these people who are quoted so often that their quotes acquire the status of proverbs? They are people like us who, having fallen in love, could not help putting their feelings in words. Given below are a few such axioms and proverbs on the subject of love.

Romantic Quotations
"Romance," it is said, "does not come alone." It brings with itself not only happiness for the present but also the promise of future bliss. You feel the need to share this happiness with someone else. If you want to share and commit to that someone special, the following romantic quotations could assist you.

SMS Love Quotes
In today's hi-tech world, love too has gone hi-tech. While people still believe in expressing their love, they want to communicate their feelings instantly. The use of the internet and mobile technology has enabled instant communication. So if you are one of those tech-savvy individuals who want their feelings to be known right away, using the following SMS love quotes will serve your purpose.

Valentine's Quotes
If you are single, then Valentine's Day may not be greatest time of the year for you. Seeing other people celebrating their love can make one a tad envious. However, don't be let down. Lift your sagging spirits by reading these valentine's quotes and by dreaming of your own happily-ever-after.

Love Quotes for Teens
A lot of the trials and tribulations of adolescence can be attributed to teenage love. Seemingly insignificant, teenage love can in fact mark the beginning of great, mature, and everlasting love. The following love quotes for teens expound on the impish and youthful love that brews between two young hearts.

Cool Love Quote
Most love quotes are excessively mushy and sentimental. They can get sickeningly sweet at times. If you are the type who likes to keep things cool, you probably wish for some quotes that are not dripping with oodles of sentiment. So, here are a few cool love quotes just for you.

Sweet Love Quote
Love is such a beautiful experience. What adds to its beauty is the variety of emotions that one goes through when in love. Although some of these emotions are sad, the eventual effect of love is sweet and romantic; one that leaves you begging for more. The following sweet love quotes talk about this fascinating experience of love.

Cute Love Quote
Love quotes can be both, romantic and sad. However, the ones that always make me smile are the cute love quotes. These charming quotes never fail to grab my attention. Use the following cute love quotes to bring a smile to the face of your beloved and show how much you care.

Romantic Sayings
Romance has been talked about by many authors. Reams of paper have been dedicated to express the magical, dreamy, passionate, and even heartbreaking aspects of romance. But "romantic love" has caught the fancy of writers. Given below are a few romantic sayings.

I Love You Quote
It could be quite tragic to lose someone you love. But it would be really disastrous if she/he did not even know that you loved her/him. In a cynical world where love is hard to find, it is extremely important to convey your true feelings to the object of your affection. The simple yet timeless "I love you" will never fail when you try to express your feelings. However, if you want to serenade your love in style, these quotes can say much more than "I love you."

Romantic Love Quote
While love is a beautiful expression of life, romance is a beautiful expression of love. Romantic quotations can convey romantic love. So express your feelings to your beloved with these romantic love quotes and rest assured that she/he will go weak in her/his knees.

Sad Love Quote
In the course of our life we come across many people. We remember some and forget the others. However, we never forget the people who break our hearts. Those who have suffered heartbreaks know that it takes a lot of effort to pick up the shattered pieces. Each sad love quote on this page takes a look at this unhappy side of love.

Love Hurts Quotes
Sometimes, love hurts. The abrasions of love have inspired many a great writer. From Shakespeare to Jane Austen, writers have at some time or the other dwelt upon the anguish called love. A few of the following quotes bring out the heartaches caused by love in the most striking manner.

Lost Love Quote
One of our greatest fears is that of losing someone we love. This fear plagues us from our childhood and continues to do so all through adulthood. If you have lost a loved one, a few of these lost love quotes should help you get in touch with your feelings.

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