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What it Means to Be in Love: Quotes That Recreate the Blush of First Love

Is it Infatuation or Is it Love?


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Do you find yourself thinking about a special person all the time? Are you always anxious to spend time with that special someone, night and day? Do you feel secure, happy, and at peace when you are with your one and only? Congratulations, you are in love!

The heady rush of falling in love is intoxicating and refreshing at the same time. Notice the change in your behavior. Do you catch yourself grinning absentmindedly from time to time? Do you longingly look at the phone, when at work or at school, waiting to hear from your beloved? Do you find the company of your friends dull? Are you dying to get back into the arms of your sweetheart?

How do you know whether you are infatuated or truly in love? You may adore, admire, and worship your beloved, but that does not necessarily translate into love. Likewise, you may not have a sizzling hot relationship with your lover, but if you truly love each other, these things won't matter. The initial phase of love is romantic; the middle phase goes through a period of adjustment. But as love matures, couples get into a comfort zone with each other.

When you are in love, the world seems like a great place to be in. Love has that effect on. Life seems worthy of living, and fate seems more giving. Being in love is therefore one of the most enriching and precious experiences of one's life. The following "in love" quotes discuss what it is like to be enriched by love.

W. Somerset Maugham
We are not the same persons this year as last; nor are those we love. It is a happy chance if we, changing, continue to love a changed person.

Vincent Van Gogh
Love many things, for therein lies the true strength, and whosoever loves much performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.

John Wayne Schlatter
A goal, a love and a dream give you total control over your body and your life.

Dinah Shore
Trouble is part of your life: if you don't share it, you don't give the person who loves you a chance to love you enough.

Don Byas
You call it madness, but I call it love.

Victor Hugo
Life is the flower for which love is the honey.

Madame de Stael
We cease loving ourselves if no one loves us.

Douglas C. Means
A life's worth, the end isn't measured in hours, or dollars. It's measured by the amount of love exchanged along the way.

Love conquers all things; let us too surrender to love.

Friedrich Halm
Two souls with but a single thought, two hearts that beat as one.

Jonathan Swift
I wonder what fool it was that first invented kissing.

Jodi Picoult
You don't love someone because they're perfect, you love them in spite of the fact that they're not.

Jaesse Tyler
I'm so in love, every time I look at you my soul gets dizzy.

Zelda Fitzgerald
Nobody has ever measured, even poets, how much a heart can hold.

Dr. Seuss
You know you're in love when you don't want to fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.

Stephen Levine
Love is not what we become, but what we already are.

Mary Parrish
Love vanquishes time. To lovers, a moment can be eternity; eternity can be the tick of a clock.

Robert Frost
Two such as you with such a master speed cannot be parted nor be swept away from one another once you are agreed that life is only life forevermore together wing to wing and oar to oar.

William Blake
Love seeketh not itself to please, nor for itself hath any care, but for another gives its ease, and builds a heaven in hell's despair.

Rainer Maria Rilke
For one human being to love another; that is perhaps the most difficult of all our tasks, the ultimate, the last test and proof, the work for which all other work is but preparation.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone
Love isn't a decision. It's a feeling. If we could decide who we loved, it would be much simpler, but much less magical.

Francois de la Rochefoucauld
When we are in love we often doubt that which we most believe.

Karl Menninger
Love cures people - both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.

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