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Michael Jackson Quotes: Quotations by and About Michael Jackson

Legendary pop singer Michael Jackson was the icon of super stardom. In addition to a number of music awards, he holds thirteen Guinness World Records. His sudden demise left a deep void. Michael Jackson's words echo his wisdom and sentiment in equal measure. Understand the most misunderstood of celebrities, Michael Jackson, through his quotes.

About Michael Jackson
Celebrities know how and when to produce the right sound bytes. On the occasion of Michael Jackson's death, many celebrities revealed their "true feelings" about Michael Jackson. The legendary pop musician was loved and respected by all, notwithstanding the controversies that dogged his life. Read on to find out what Britney Spears, Arnold...

Michael Jackson: Life
Although his status grew beyond the zenith, he always kept his feet firmly planted to the ground. Michael Jackson was pretty much a grounded person, unlike many other celebrities. He had a very sensible and balanced approach towards life and work. Here are Michael Jackson's famous words about work and life.

Michael Jackson: Family
Michael Jackson was a good father was to his own kids, but he never received the same love from his own dad. Often Michael Jackson talked about his unhappy childhood, and abusive father. Living under the harsh lights of fame was not an easy burden for young Michael. Perhaps that's why he always shielded his kids from the public glare. Read these...

Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson did not have it easy. Throughout his childhood, he suffered from physical and mental abuse by his father. As his popularity grew, he was constantly mobbed and hassled by the paparazzi that couldn't get enough of him. He was the media's favorite whipping boy. Controversies shadowed Michael Jackson throughout his career. His sudden...

Michael Jackson Quotes
"Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown" is an apt saying for the "King of Pop". Michael Jackson's life was a bed of roses. Except that the roses also carried thorns. And in the end, it was the thorns that did him in. Michael Jackson lives no longer. But his music remains eternal. "The King is dead, long live the King!" This proclamation will...

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