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Baby Sayings

Express Your Feelings Through These Beautiful Baby Sayings


My mother once told me that babies are born cute because that is God's way of protecting them from harm. She said that it is because babies are so cute that nobody can tolerate any form of cruelty towards them. Their angelic faces can steal the heart of even the most hardened criminal. Here are some beautiful baby sayings that will certainly make you smile. I love these baby sayings because each one sheds light on what makes having a newborn baby such a wonderful experience.

Deepak Chopra
It is the nature of babies to be in bliss.

Jeff Foxworthy
Watching a baby being born is a little like watching a wet St. Bernard coming in through the cat door.

Charles Osgood
Babies are always more trouble than you thought -- and more wonderful.

Winston Churchill
There is no finer investment for any community than putting milk into babies.

Mark Twain
A baby is an inestimable blessing and bother.

Claudia Wallis
[On sperm cells frozen for preservation] They are babies in waiting, life on ice.

Dr Henry W. Flournoy
Every baby has turned into a ticking time bomb that can go off in your hand.

James Matthew Barrie
When the first baby laughed for the first time, the laugh broke into a thousand pieces, and they all went skipping about, and that was the beginning of fairies. And now when every new baby is born its first laugh becomes a fairy. So there ought to be one fairy for every boy or girl.

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