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Celebrity Quotes: Oscar Winners in Their Moment of Glory

May the Best Actor Take Home the Oscars


When we think of Oscar-winning celebrities, we either think of them as empty-headed nitwits, or spoil rich people. But when you read these quotes, you will think otherwise.

Billy Crystal
Despite what the Wall Street Journal says, our awards are the best-kept secret in America, with the possible exception of what George W. Bush did in the Seventies.

Bob Hope, 1965
For the first time, you can actually see the losers turn green.

Kathy Bates, 2003
Every time an Oscar is given out, an agent gets his wings.

Dustin Hoffman, 1968
I hope to God I don't win an Oscar tomorrow night. It would really depress me if I did. I really don't deserve it. It wasn't that important a part anyhow.

Kevin Spacey, Best Actor, American Beauty
This is the highlight of my day. I hope it's not all downhill from here.

John Wayne, Best Picture, 1979
Oscar and I have something in common. Oscar first came to Hollywood scene in 1928. So did I. We're both a little weather-beaten, but we're still here and plan to be around for a whole lot longer.

Humphrey Bogart, 1951
The only way to find the best actor would be to let everybody play Hamlet and let the best man win.

Frank Capra, 1936
The Oscar is the most valuable, but least expensive, item of world-wide public relations ever invented by any industry.

Kevin Spacey, 1995
Whoever Keyser Soze is, I can tell you he is going to get gloriously drunk tonight.

Arnold Schwarzenegger, 1998
My friend James Cameron and I made three films together - True Lies, The Terminator and Terminator 2. Of course, that was during his early, low-budget, art-house period.

Woody Allen, 2002
When the Academy called, I panicked. I thought they might want their Oscars back and the pawn shop has been out of business for awhile.

Sally Field, 1980
What does the Academy Award mean? I don't think it means much of anything.

Jim Broadbent, 2002
I'd like to thank John Bayley for allowing us to plunder and misrepresent his life with Iris.

Mickey Rooney, 1982
When I was 19 years old, I was the number one star of the world for two years; when I was 40, nobody wanted me; I couldn't get a job.

Jane Wyman, 1949
[on winning for playing a mute character] I accept this very gratefully for keeping my mouth shut for once, in Johnny Belinda. I think I'll do it again.

Shirley MacLaine, 1983
Films and life are like clay, waiting for us to mold it. And when you trust your own insides and that becomes achievement, it's a kind of principle that seems to me is at work with everyone. God bless that principle. God bless that potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it.

Billy Crystal
Do you know that people are now moving to New Zealand just to be thanked?

Steven Soderbergh, Best Director Academy Award, Traffic
Suddenly, going to work tomorrow doesn't seem like such a good idea.

Bob Dylan, Best Original Song for Things Have Changed, Wonder Boys
I want to thank the members of the Academy who were bold enough to give me this award for this song which, obviously, is a song that doesn't pussyfoot around or turn a blind eye to human nature. God bless you all with peace, tranquility and good will. Thanks.

Billy Crystal
Good news, they found Nemo. The bad news is, they found him in one of Wolfgang Puck's puff pastries.

Billy Crystal
The Passion of the Christ opened up on Ash Wednesday, had a Good Friday.

Billy Crystal
Now that everyone in New Zealand has been thanked, I'd like to thank everyone on Long Island.

David Mamet, American Playwright
The Oscars demonstrate the will of the people to control and judge those they have elected to stand above them much, perhaps, as in bygone days, an election celebrated the same.

Sean Penn
If there's one thing that actor’s know… other than that there weren’t any WMDs… (weapons of mass destruction) it's that there is no such thing as best in acting.

Maurice Jarre, Best Score, Passage to India, 1985
I was lucky Mozart was not eligible this year.

Jessica Yu, Best Short Subject Documentary, 1997
What a thrill. You know you've entered new territory when you realize that your outfit cost more than your film.

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