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Harry Potter Quote

Each Harry Potter Quote Is a Gem


Each Harry Potter quote on this page is loaded with wisdom and wit. You will admire every Harry Potter quote on this page regardless of the context and the author. Read each quote and ruminate over its meaning.

I will only truly have left this school none here are loyal to me... Help will always be given at Hogwarts to those who ask for it.

Arthur Weasley
Never trust anything that can think for itself, if you can't see where it keeps its brain.

Sirius Black
You should have died! Died rather than betray your friends, as we would have done for you!

Remember Cedric. Remember, if the time should come when you have to make a choice between what is right and what is easy, remember what happened to a boy who was good, and kind, and brave, because he strayed across the path of Lord Voldemort. Remember Cedric Diggory.

I don't need a cloak to become invisible.

Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort can't understand, its love.

I don't go looking for trouble. Trouble usually finds me.

'Course Dumbledore trusts you. He's a trusting man, isn't he? Believes in second chances. But me, I say there are spots that don't come off, Snape. Spots that never come off, know what I mean?

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