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Ring in the New Year With Warm New Year Quotes

It's time to make new resolutions. It's time to break old habits. As the old year comes to an end and the New Year unfolds, we feel renewed with new promises. Here's wishing you a great new start. May you have a lifetime of happiness and success! Here are some warm New Year quotes. Happy New Year!
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Quotes for New Year
Rejoice as the New Year unfolds with a basketful of hopes, dreams, and aspirations. When you celebrate New Year with gusto, you feel the positive energy flowing in your veins. You begin with renewed vitality and optimism; the much needed ingredients to a successful start. Share these quotes for New Year with friends and family. We need a lot of...

New Year Quotes
The old give way to the young. New thoughts sprout from fertile ground. While the New Year beckons us with many promises, don't forget to give the old year its due. Learn from past mistakes and carry the lessons of time with you. Here are some beautiful New Year quotes that teach you to celebrate each moment of life; yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

New Years Quotes
This is not the first New Year. Nor is it the last! Then why do we celebrate New Years as if the world is about to end? Do New Years justify a celebration? For a cynic, a New Year is just another day. But for an optimist, New Years herald the birth of hope. So fill your heart with joy, as these New Years quotes teach you to relish each day of...

New Year Resolutions
Want to get fighting fit? Or kick a bad habit? Make a New Year's resolution. The tricky part is sticking to resolutions. The loftier the resolution, the tougher it is to hang on to. It takes steely nerves to live by what you resolve. Read these quotes about New Year resolutions and gain the inspiration to improve your life.

New Year Greetings
Do you want to send a special New Year greeting to your friends? Here is a great collection of New Year greetings. Some of the greetings convey worldly wisdom, while others present a diverse perspective about the New Year. Choose from this collection of New Year greetings to send good wishes to your near and dear ones.

New Year Wishes
When the clock strikes twelve on December 31st, people all over the world cheer and wish each other a very Happy New Year. For some, this event is no more than a change of a calendar. But for many others, the New Year symbolizes the beginning of a better tomorrow. So, if you look forward to a good year ahead, spread happiness with these...

Funny New Year Quotes
A New Year may be a significant event for many. But the absurdities of the celebration cannot escape a skeptic. Here are some funny New Year quotes. What better way to start a New Year than with a hearty laugh? Share your joy by greeting everybody with these funny New Year quotes.

New Year Quote
Late night parties, family bashes, swanky celebrations, and spunky resolutions. That's what I call the New Year party. With the New Year's Eve just around the corner, you see the ambience around you getting embellished with decorations, sprinkled with zeal and peppered with enthusiasm. Read each New Year quote with gusto as you prepare yourself...

New Year Quotations
As the sun sets on the coming New Year's Eve, another year will get added to your count of the so far spent ones. Each New Year marks a milestone of success stories, and delightful moments. As time marches forward and as you strive to make leaps, let every unpleasant experience be a remnant of time; but make sure you carry every taught lesson...

Inspirational New Year Quotes
Ring out the old, ring in the new. Ring out the false, ring in the true. These lines by Alfred Lord Tennyson impart a great sense of purpose as you get geared up to welcome the New Year. It is that time of the year again when you introspect on your choices of the past and anticipate what the new year will bring. Realize the power within you to...

New Year Quotes Inspirational
Most people choose New Year as the time to turn to a new leaf. Smokers vow to kick the bad habit. Many decide to change to a new and improved lifestyle. Habitual spendthrifts decide to mend their ways. And most of us, who enjoy eating unhealthy food, hit on to the latest dieting fad. Though the New Year is like any other day, it is special in...

New Year Quotes and Sayings
New Year is a moment of quiet reflection. Reflect on the year gone by, of the happy gains and missed opportunities. Recount the good and bad deeds of the past year. Introspect your personal growth and learn from the experiences. New Year is the time to ensure that we bring a positive balance to our life with positive influences overriding the...

Best New Year Quotes
New Year brings a bundle of joy, hope, and wisdom. As years go by, we develop a keener understanding of life. Life continues to be a learning process and we gain valuable tidbits of wisdom along the way. Let us learn to live life without regrets and embrace each New Year with renewed energy and aspiration. These are some of the best New Year...

Famous New Year Quotes
The earth is said to be 4.5 billion years old. Yet, we celebrate the birth of every New Year as if the earth was just born. We accept the gift of life, and rejoice every moment of it. As the earth nonchalantly continues to spin around the sun, let us remind ourselves that life on this planet is one of those miracles that we can neither...

The New Year Heralds New Aspirations
Celebrate the end of a good season and the birth of a new year. Each year heralds a new season of hope, and happiness. If you have the inspiration, you can make this New Year even better than the year that passed.

Rejoice in the Last Hours of December With New Year's Eve Quotes
New Year's Eve is the day to party. And what better way to bid farewell to the old year than by wishing your loved ones? Here are New Year's Eve quotes that bring you closer to your dear ones.

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