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Miley Cyrus Quotes

Miley Cyrus Quotes Welcome You Into Wonderful World of Hannah Montana


When I first watched Hannah Montana, I was reminded of Barbie doll coming alive on stage. She has all the energy of a rock star, with the cuteness of a doll. When I learned that she was a singing sensation too, I realized that the world has found its teen icon. I can't say that I am a fan, but I am undoubtedly enthralled by her charismatic presence. Get a peek into the world of Hannah Montana with these Miley Cyrus quotes.
  • Ambition
    I’m not letting any stupid decisions get in my way. I want to be a role model, letting girls know that they can follow their dreams.

  • Ambition
    If you believe in yourself anything is possible.

  • Ambition
    You don't have to go out and party every night. You can act because it's your dream.

  • Anxiety
    I get more anxious than nervous before a concert.

  • Attitude
    Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!

  • Work
    I'll be out with my friends and be recognized, and little girls will ask me for my autograph. It is so much fun living out your dream. It, like, totally reflects me 100%.

  • Work
    My mom is always telling me it takes a long time to get to the top, but a short time to get to the bottom.

  • Work
    The only advice my Dad's given me is: If you ain't having fun, it ain' working, so always have fun with what you're doing. If you don't love it then there's no reason to do it. And don't do it for fame or money- do it because it's something that you feel is right.

  • Faith
    Faith is the main thing. That’s kind of why I’m like here in Hollywood: to be like a light, a testimony to say God can take someone from Nashville and make me this, but it’s his will that made this happen.

  • Family
    I think my dad is a lot cooler than other dads. He still acts like he’s still 17.

  • Family
    My dad says I could sing before I could talk, if that’s possible. I was always humming and things like that.

  • Friends
    I need more friends. It’s kind of like my quest right now just to have more true friends.

  • Hannah Montana
    I am fully committed to Hannah Montana. It's what gave me this amazing opportunity to reach out to so many people.

  • Hannah Montana
    I have more fun playing Hannah, because I like to sing and dress up.

  • Hannah Montana
    I think Hannah gets nervous just like any other person would. She's like a dork, personally. She's just really, really fun.

  • Life
    Life is all about having a good time.

  • Life
    My job isn't to tell your kids how to act or how not to act, because I'm still figuring that out for myself, So to take that away from me is a bit selfish. Your kids are going to make mistakes whether I do or not. That's just life.

  • Music
    Music is what I breath, what I love to do. It keeps me alive.

  • Secrets
    I am not very good at keeping secrets at all! If you want your secret kept do not tell me!

  • Sport
    My favorite sport is cheerleading!

  • Tattoo
    I could never get a meaningless tattoo, but I think that if you're doing something that's important, that's significant in your life, it takes some of the pain away.

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