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Inspirational Relationships Quotes

Relationships are always an important part of life. And I mean all relationships - friendship, love, marriage, relationship by choice, relationship by birth. Learn what makes them tick, why they sometimes go wrong, what one can do about it, and why they are so precious.
  1. Quotes About Family to Strengthen Blood Ties (12)

Parenting Quotes
Many people become parents without fully understanding what parenting entails. This article focuses on the journey of parenting. Also read some interesting parenting quotes that provide profound insight to the meaning of parenthood.

Home Quotations
Home is where the heart is. But what constitutes home for the destitute and homeless? Can everybody have a home? Can we have more than one home? Find answers to these intriguing questions in these home quotations.

Quotes About Children
If you thought that only children can learn a lot from adults, then you are wrong. Grown ups can learn a lot from children too. Read what great minds have to say about children.

Single Quotes
What's the significance of 'single?' A single person, a single breath, a single voice... To some, a single entity may be insignificant. After all, can a single person change the world? Can a single mind move the masses? But if you look back in history, you will find that in many cases, a single moment revolutionized the world. Let's value the worth of 'single.' It may be one, or it may be…

Home Sayings
What does home mean to you? A place that gives you unconditional love, happiness, and comfort. A place where you can bury your sorrows and shame without guilt. To have a happy home, you don't need the trappings of opulence. Any place can be home as long as you are comfortable and secure. A house with a leaking roof would be as good a home to the homeless as would a nest to a bird. If you are home…

Funny Relationship Quotes
Make your relationships meaningful. With funny relationship quotes, you can add mirth to your love life. Laugh out loud with your loving partner, and your sense of humor will keep problems at bay.

Relationship Quotes
Relationships can turn sour, when you neglect them for a long time. Nurture your relationships with love and faith. Here are some insightful relationship quotes that help you set right the wrong.

Long Distance Relationship Quotes
Get inspired to keep your long distance relationship alive. This article includes long distance relationship quotes to light a spark in your relationship.

Insightful and Thought Provoking Divorce Quotes
A divorce may be the end of the road for a relationship. Are you ready to call it quits? Read these divorce quotes to help you think through your decision.

Couple Quotes
Watch a couple in love, and you feel the power of their love. Couples have a strong connection, and their collective strength makes their beliefs stronger. Read these couple quotes and feel the dual power of love.

Rib Tickling Funny Divorce Quotes for That Bittersweet Experience
Getting a divorce? Laugh off your worries and cares with these funny divorce quotes. Get back to living, with the right attitude.

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