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The Great Tsunami

Quotes of Horror


The year 2004 was witness to one of the greatest tragedies of humankind -- the great tsunami that wiped out civilization in many parts of South East Asia. Thousands were rendered homeless, and many lost their loved ones. These quotes are glaring reminders of the horrors of the tsunami. When you read these tsunami quotes, spend a moment of silence for the victims of the tsunami.

Subash, South Indian resident
If the body is in a condition to be moved, we put it into the mass burial pit and if it's too decomposed, we pour diesel over it and burn it with debris from thatched huts. Usually the pyres have 20 to 30 bodies at one go.

Yeh Chia-ni, Taiwanese Resident
I thought my parents didn't want me anymore.

Chris Jones, Thai Resident
My beautiful sister Lisa died when the tsunami hit the tiny Koh Phra Thong island in Thailand. She was a conservationist, and had dedicated her short life to helping wildlife and the environment... We miss her terribly already, the world was a better place with her in it.

Lek, Thai Sex Worker
I did not work for three days after my best friend Ning was crushed to death by two cars over there.

Maria Boscani, Italian Grandmother
The children are still in shock. We looked death in the face.

Nigel Willgrass, Survivor Who Lost His Wife
I wanted to take her wedding ring and they wouldn't let me. There was nobody there for me. It was just awful.

Khun Wan, Thai Hotelier
I just want to help people.

Petra Nemcova, Czech Model
People were screaming and kids were screaming all over the place, screaming 'help, help'. And after a few minutes you didn't hear the kids any more...

Lazuardi, Army Sergeant From Sumatra
We are still alive. I'm happy I finally met someone from outside. Please let people know that we are still alive because people think the whole of Meulaboh has been destroyed and no one survived.

Karin Svaerd, Swedish Woman
I was yelling at them to run, but they couldn't hear me.

M S L Fernandes, Ship Captain
In all my years as a sailor, this was my most awful experience.

Kofi Annan, UN Secretary General
This is an unprecedented global catastrophe and it requires an unprecedented global response.

Tony Blair, British Prime Minister
At first it seemed a terrible disaster, a terrible tragedy. But I think as the days have gone on, people have recognized it as a global catastrophe.

George W Bush, US President
On this first day of a new year, we join the world in feeling enormous sadness over a great human tragedy... The carnage is of a scale that defies comprehension.

Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, Indonesian President to Soldiers
Do your duties as well as possible, day and night. We have the obligation to save each and everyone.

John Budd, United Nations Children's Fund Communications Director
The indications are the disaster is going to be a lot worse than we have anticipated already. Aceh really is ground zero.

Pope John Paul II
This sort of human solidarity, along with the grace of God, gives hope for better days to come in the year that begins today.

John Sparrow
We must look ahead to rehabilitation and putting communities back on their feet. It will be a long, long process, it will take years. We hope that the donors stay with this.

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