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Seinfeld Quotes

The TV show Seinfeld is famous for Jerome Seinfeld's observational humor. His witty comments about mundane events have made the show popular. Here is your chance to catch up with some funny Seinfeld quotes.

Funny Seinfeld Quotes
When it comes to being funny, not many can boast of cracking people up the way Jerry Seinfeld does. His one-liners, dialogues, and observations are often so funny that quoting him can add life to the dullest of occasions. These funny Seinfeld quotes are prime examples of the Seinfeld brand of humor.

Jerry Seinfeld Quotes
Jerry Seinfeld, everyone's favorite funny man, shot to fame with his hit TV series "Seinfeld" in the '90s. Though the show is no longer being produced, the re-runs are still popular all over the world. Here are a few Jerry Seinfeld quotes. Be warned! Reading Seinfeld quotes can seriously affect your sanity, and give you stomach cramps due to...

Quote Seinfeld
Jerry is considered to be one of the best observational comedians. He is the 12th best comic according to Comedy Central's 100 greatest stand-ups of all time. To quote Seinfeld about his humorous self, he says, "I think it's funny to be delicate with subjects that are explosive." If you too are bewildered by the euphoria that surrounds Seinfeld, the following quotes will reveal the comedy genius that is Seinfeld.

Famous Seinfeld Quotes
Everyone wants to be perceived as witty, sharp, and bright. While there are those who are naturally endowed with a great sense of humor, there are others who find themselves in many foot-in-the-mouth situations. However, this does not mean the end of the world for aspiring comedians. To make a fresh start, use some of these famous Seinfeld...

Quotes from Seinfeld
When humor is directed at life's issues, it makes serious matters look frivolous. The Seinfeld variety of comedy is one of the greatest, as it highlights the quirks, idiosyncrasies, and eccentricities of everyday life. The show makes common behavior seem preposterous. Here are some quotes from "Seinfeld" that will make you rethink the way you carry on with your life.

Seinfeld Quotes
Jerry Seinfeld was a comedian par excellence. "Seinfeld," the show co-produced by Larry David helped him soar to new heights. The show ran successfully from 1989 to 1998. NBC offered Jerry Seinfeld $5 million per episode for another season. But Seinfeld politely declined. These Seinfeld quotes bear testimony to his contribution to the world of humor.

Seinfeld Quote
Seinfeld is a timeless classic. You don't have to belong to a particular era or decade to appreciate the humor. Why! Seinfeld is popular even with GenX! The best part of the "Seinfeld" show is at the end of most episodes, where Seinfeld is performing stand-up comedy. His observational comedy is wild, if not wicked. But Seinfeld does leave a germinating thought in our minds. That's the beauty of each Seinfeld quote; you are left with an ignited mind.

Best Seinfeld Quotes
The "Seinfeld" show has received plenty of awards and rave reviews the world over. But, even those who are not familiar with "Seinfeld" will enjoy these quotes as they are wickedly clever.

Quotes: Seinfeld
Seinfeld is one comic series that has a cult-like following the world over. The philosophy, the ideas, and even the dialogues from the show have become such a rage that Seinfeld fanatics have incorporated them in their daily vocabulary. Here are a few quotes Seinfeld has created in what is termed as "the funniest show ever" on television.

Sienfeld Quotes
Does it matter if Seinfeld fans are actually typing "Sienfeld" when they are searching the Internet? Would Seinfeld be any less funny if there was a misspelling in his name? I am sure if we asked Jerry Seinfeld the same question, he would have a witty jab to make. He could probably make an episode out of the misspelling of his name. Whether you call these "Seinfeld quotes" or "Sienfeld quotes," this page will keep you smiling.

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