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Famous William Shakespeare Quotes

William Shakespeare (1564-1616) is the most famous playwright of all times. His emphatic expression and unique writing style make an impact on the reader. Below, find links to the best Shakespeare quotes. Do you think you know your Shakespeare? Find an interesting quiz to test your knowledge.
  1. Bard Quotes by Play (27)

William Shakespeare
William Shakespeare built a new vocabulary. In his plays, William Shakespeare coined new words, which enriched English literature. His words are uncanny to the untrained ear. Though we don't speak the English of the Victorian era, our language and culture continue to be heavily influenced by the expressions invented by William Shakespeare.

Shakespeare Plays
Shakespeare plays continue to exert a profound impact on the literary scene. These plays are always responsive to the taste of the audience. By using literary devices such as rhythmic patterns and soliloquies, Shakespeare engaged the audience. Read Shakespeare plays to discover the richness of English literature. Or better yet, read these quotes culled from famous Shakespeare plays.

William Shakespeare, the English poet, playwright and dramatist, is the center of adulation and inspiration to artists from all genres. As the author of famous plays like Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet and King Lear, Shakespeare became a legend in his own right. With a mature narrative embellished with a mix of romance and witty comedy, he always infused life to his characters. Read along and …

How to Quote Shakespeare
You can quote Shakespeare to make your essays impressive. But, a quotation used in the wrong context can convey the wrong meaning. In this article, you will learn how to quote Shakespeare, without losing the context of the quotation.

Romantic Shakespeare Quotes
Shakespeare was considered a true romantic. He portrayed love as a heady mix of passion, aggression, despair, and determination. There are amorous love scenes in many of his plays. If you are a romantic person, you will appreciate the intensity of Shakespeare quotes.

Shakespeare Death Quotes
Shakespeare's tragedies have some deeply moving death-quotes. His quotations on death bring tears rolling down the cheeks. The sadness in the quotes moves you so much that you feel as though you have experienced a great loss. Here is a page of Shakespeare death quotes.

Brilliant Shakespeare Quotes
It is believed that some of William Shakespeare's scripts are lost forever. But we do know that Shakespeare wrote at least 36 plays, 154 sonnets, and 5 poems. Each one of his works is considered a masterpiece. No playwright can match the brilliance of William Shakespeare.

Famous Shakespeare Quotes
Some quotes of Shakespeare reverberate in your hearts even long after you have read them. This is a page of famous Shakespeare quotes that elevate your spirits. These quotes have a stunning impact on readers and listeners.

Legendary Quotes From Shakespeare Plays
Shakespeare plays still hold a mystical allure for theatre lovers. Here is a handpicked collection of quotes from Shakespeare plays.

Shakespeare Quotes: Best of Shakespeare Quotes
Noted playwright William Shakespeare was known as a man with a razor sharp wit. He was brilliant with words that left an echo in the hearts of art lovers all over the world. Read some of the greatest Shakespeare quotes in these pages and you will know what I mean. Even if you are not familiar with Shakespeare's famous plays, the quotes convey a...

Shakespeare Quotations: Best of Shakespeare Quotations
Here is a collection of gems from one of the greatest writers that ever lived. William Shakespeare was an institution by himself; the God of classic theatre. This site would be incomplete without a collection of exclusive Shakespeare quotations. These are Shakespeare quotations cited from his famous plays, including The Tempest, Much Ado About...

Top 10 Shakespeare Quotes
Shakespeare is the best known playwright of all times. Quotations lovers find Shakespeare quotes delightful. On this page, you will find a collection of the top 10 Shakespeare quotes. Read them and enjoy the Bard's articulation and drama.

Famous Shakespeare Quotations
Shakespeare quotations always have a cherry on the top. In addition to the sentiment being expressive, the words are also always shining.

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