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Quotes for the Different Stages of Life

"Life is a puzzle. Sometimes it makes us laugh. Sometimes it makes us cry." We deal with different events and stages in life different ways. Understand and appreciate life by reading these life quotes.

Growing Up Quotes
Sometimes when you browse through old photo albums or videos, you feel a lump in your throat. Where did those wonder years go? Growing up may not seem so exciting when you are actually in the process. But when you look back, even the biggest crisis seems like a fond memory. So if you are in the growing-up years and do not know how to beat the...

Kids Sayings
Kids operate in a different paradigm. They are blissfully detached from the banalities of reality. They are full of pure, unadulterated joy. They seek pleasure in love and play. Kids have an amazing ability to recover from negative feelings like grief, anger, and greed. Scratched elbows, broken toys, dusty face... that's a kid's life. With these kids sayings, you will feel like a kid all …

Retirement Quotes
Retirement is a time when one is done eking out a living and can sit back and enjoy the fruits of labor. Feel the breeze, smell the flowers, hear the birds, and appreciate this wonderful life. Retirement is also the beginning of a journey of self-discovery. So go ahead, and rediscover yourself. Life holds a lot in store when you have the time to...

Age Quotes
Time flies. Age is not something we can control. But what we do with passing age is entirely in our hands. Here, you can read some of the best inspirational quotes on age.

Famous Life Quotes
The greatest irony of life is that it would take more than a lifetime to know everything about life! What are your views about life? Profound views have been expressed about life in this page by great authors.

Inspirational Overcoming Adversity Quotes
Difficult times do not last. Remember the saying, "every grey cloud has a silver lining?" If you are in search of inspiration to overcome your adversity, you will find it here. Find a quote which addresses your situation, and seek refuge in its wisdom.

Life Quotes
Life Quotes: a collection. Also find lists, databases, and resources for quotes and quotations.

Pregnancy Quotes
Some amusing, some deep, but interesting all the same. Read these pregnancy quotes and also find links to one of the best week by week pregnancy guide.

Cool Quotes for Teens
Teenage can be quite a trying phase. Conflicting issues and teenage emotions leave teenagers vulnerable. Use these teenage quotes as birthday card sayings, graffiti on the wall, or plain old "advice".

Love Life Quotes
Living is more than just existing. Most of us go through the motions of life without any care or thought. To appreciate life, you need to love life. You need to open your eyes to everyday miracles. Treat your life with special care; you have but one chance to appreciate it. Here are some quotes to encourage you to love life.

Life Death Quotes
It would take more than a lifetime to understand life! Yet, we waste time in futile pursuits. We pretend that we have our whole life ahead of us, but it would probably take a second to snuff out that precious life. Are we living life to the fullest? Are we prepared to accept death? To understand the meaning of life and death, quotes such as these lend an interesting perspective.

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