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Funny Quotes From Stand Up Comedians

Stand up comedy is a tough art. To be a good stand up comedian, you need to have originality and flair. It takes years for stand up comedians to achieve stardom. Here is a collection of funny quotes from some of the best stand up comedians.
  1. George Carlin (9)

Steven Wright One-Liners
Read these one-liners, and you will want more. Steven Wright's one-liners can light up a dull occasion, and make it a roaring success.

Jim Gaffigan Quotes
Jim Gaffigan's comic timing is impeccable. He knows how to tickle your funny bone. Jim Gaffigan's self deprecating humor brings out the best response from his listeners. Enjoy the unbridled humor in these Jim Gaffigan quotes.

Demetri Martin Quotes
Demetri Martin has a relaxed demeanor. You just have to listen to him for a few seconds before you fall off your chair, laughing. Demetri is a gifted artist. How do we describe him? A comic musician? A comic actor? A writer? Now, that's a bundle of talent. Enjoy some really funny Demetri Martin quotes.

Funny One Liners
Rodney Dangerfield had captured the minds of his audience with his ribald, in-your-face humor. Read some of the best funny one liners by Rodney Dangerfield on this page.

Evan Esar Quotes
You can't help being tickled by the funny words of Evan Esar. As a very popular American humorist, Evan Esar authored the famous Esar's Comic Dictionary. You will find yourself chuckling at some of Evan Esar's famous quips. For instance, a famous quip by Evan Esar is, "A signature always reveals a man's character… and sometimes even his name." Want to read more? Here are a few Evan Esar quotes to bring a smile to your face.

Funny Dane Cook Quote
We have experienced many stand-up comedians. For every comedian who does well, there are hundreds who bite the dust before they manage to make it to the grand arena. But, Dane Cook is a one-of-a-kind comedian. He is bold, vicious, and exaggerated. His over-the-top comedy never fails to infuse laughter among the crowds. No wonder he has a loyal fan following. I have collected several funny Dane Cook quotes on this page for your enjoyment.

Dane Cook Quotes
Dane Cook is one the most famous stand-up comedians in America. Like him or hate him, you simply cannot ignore him. His comments and ideas are a huge hit with the young generation. Listed below are some interesting Dan Cook quotes.

Steven Wright Quotes
Steven Wright carved his own niche with a volley of brilliant one-liners. His quotes are timeless classics, and you can never get enough of them.

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