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Teacher's Day

On Teacher's Day, read these "teacher quotes." If you are dropping your teacher a note, consider using some of these quotations to express your appreciation and gratitude. These quotes about teachers remind us about the importance of teachers in our lives. For teachers seeking inspiration, there is a collection of inspirational teacher quotes.

Teacher Quotations
School life is reminiscent of wild pranks, homework, and detention. However, an important aspect of school life was our relationship with teachers. We have had our share of lovable and hate-worthy teachers. Some teachers inspired us while some brought out our wicked side. This page is a tribute to teachers. Each teacher quotation here reflects...

Great Teacher Quotes
Good teachers impart good education. Great teachers groom their students to become leaders. Ordinary teachers direct us along the right path, but great teachers inspire us to seek our own path. They encourage us to discover our talents.

Famous Teacher Quotes
I often wonder about teachers who educated famous people such as Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, and the like. Were these teachers specially qualified to inspire their students to achieve fame and success? Or were these teachers just plain lucky to have exceptionally talented students? Do some teachers have the rare quality of turning dust into gold? The answer may not be easy to find.

Good Teacher Quotes
Most of us have had the good fortune of having at least one good teacher who shaped our thoughts. The lessons of a good teacher remain etched in ones soul. Surprise your teacher and fill her heart with pride by expressing your gratitude with these quotes.

Quotes About Good Teachers
Anybody who imparts a special skill or knowledge is a teacher. So a friend who teaches you to ice-skate is a teacher. A sibling who educates you on social etiquettes is also a teacher. A good teacher not just imparts training but also inspires the student to learn.

Inspirational Quotes About Teacher
Do you remember a teacher who inspired you? Do you want to thank that teacher for her or his selfless service? Here is your chance. Pick an inspirational quote for your teacher from this page and send it as a special message for your teacher. Each inspirational quote lauds the efforts of good teachers.

Quotes for Teachers
As a teacher, I often encourage students with motivational speeches and quotes. But what motivates the teachers? Teachers gain inspiration when they see their students' progress.

Quotes About Teachers
These quotes make us realize how blessed we are to have the presence of teachers in our lives. How else would we be in a position to appreciate the beauty in these quotes if it weren't for our teachers?

Teacher Quotes
Children often take a liking to a particular subject simply because they love the person who teaches them that subject. Needless to say, children also dislike certain subjects when they dislike their teacher. If you have a good teacher, express your gratitude by penning down a few of these beautiful teacher quotes. Your gesture will win your...

Happy Teacher's Day Quotes
All that I have achieved in my life is because of my teachers. Some of them were formally designated as my teachers -- in school, college, and university. Others, such as my parents, were my teachers nonetheless. Here are some happy Teacher's Day quotes to celebrate the best teachers in our lives.

Quotes on Teacher's Day
Come up with creative ways to wish your teachers a happy Teacher's Day. Flowers and cards may say it all, but heartfelt quotes will be the icing on the cake. Use these quotes on Teacher's Day and show your teachers how much you care.

Teacher Appreciation Quotes
You owe your teacher a genuine note of gratitude for all that she has taught you. On Teacher's Day, convey your good wishes with heartfelt words of appreciation. Use these Teacher's Appreciation quotes to connect with your teacher.

Teacher's Quotes
Teachers Quotes: a collection. Part of a special section on inspirational and motivational quotes.

Teaching Quotes
Get inspired to teach and be taught. These teaching quotes reveal a wealth of wisdom, and open your mind to knowledge and education.

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