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Thanksgiving Quotes


Thanksgiving is an occasion to celebrate with friends and family. With a delicious feast at the table, beautiful people for company, and gratitude in the heart, who would want to miss the joys of Thanksgiving? Make a lavish spread this Thanksgiving, but do not forget to say your prayers and thank the Almighty.
  1. Funny Thanksgiving Quotes
  2. Religious Thanksgiving Quotes
  3. Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings

Funny Thanksgiving Quotes

A generous dose of humor, with a table laden with delicious food would make your Thanksgiving celebration truly memorable. Here are some funny quips, quotes, and witty words that can make your Thanksgiving party rock.

Religious Thanksgiving Quotes

The Bible has beautiful words of inspiration and insight that can make your Thanksgiving memorable. Reach deep within your soul to discover the power of God. With these religious Thanksgiving quotes, you will feel His presence all around you.

Thanksgiving Quotes and Sayings

Use Thanksgiving quotes and sayings to adorn your greeting cards. Say, 'thank you' with beautiful words, embedded with jewels of eloquence and grace. Thanksgiving is not just about feasting on a delicious meal, it is also about acknowledging those who have helped and served you selflessly.

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