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Make Good Friday a Memorable Friday

On Good Friday, begin your day with pious thoughts. Head to your local church and attend the special prayer service. Reach out to other devout Christians and share these Good Friday quotes.

Atone for Your Sins on Good Friday
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Getting Ready for Easter? Learn How to Make Your Easter Celebrations Special

Saturday April 19, 2014

Easter celebrations are fun when you share age old traditions with your friends and family. Kids look forward to Easter celebrations with glee. The holiday gives them a perfect excuse to indulge in candy and chocolate. Not just kids, even adults look forward to the delicious goodies that make Easter so special.

But what truly makes Easter a remarkable holiday, is that it brings the whole family together. Here is an occasion when you can engage, share, laugh, and enjoy with your family. Traditions are passed on through Easter stories and rituals. If your family has a special Easter tradition, pass it through your kids to future generations. Here are some Easter quotes and sayings that can brighten up your holiday mood.

Stories, poetry, and Easter quotes add a special touch to the celebration. For a religious touch, read out these Easter quotes from the Bible to children. You can send Easter sayings to your loved ones. If your family members live far away, reach out to them through these Happy Easter quotes. These funny Easter quotes will strengthen long-distance relationships and cheer them up.

Have a Happy Easter! Make the most of your holiday.

What Good Friday Means to Devout Christians

Wednesday April 16, 2014

The Passion story of Jesus Christ moves devout Christians to tears. It is common to see people wailing at the altar of Jesus Christ, atoning for their sins. People reenact the scenes from the Gospels on the day of Good Friday. In Philippines, many devotees voluntarily get crucified on the cross, reliving every last detail of Jesus Christ's grisly end. In 2013, a carpenter named Ruben Enaje volunteered to get nailed to the cross for the 27th year in a row. He promises to continue doing so. Several devotees also voluntarily flog themselves with iron nails, and wear a crown of nails, to show their deep love for Christ.

Though such brutal acts of devotion are discouraged by the Vatican, you can't help admiring the power of faith and its effect on people. Good Friday holds a special place in many a Christian heart, and if channeled well, this can bring about a spiritual awakening in the collective conscious of our society.

Let us make Good Friday a day to cleanse our souls. If you are a practicing Christian, you will find spiritual satisfaction in these Good Friday Bible quotes. Share these quotes with your friends and family on Good Friday and make your holiday a memorable day.

Are Passover Traditions Still Followed?

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Passover traditions have seen many changes over time. Religious texts lay down a strict code to be followed by Jews observing Passover. But passage of time and the influence of other cultures have changed some of the original rituals of Passover.

Is this a bad sign? Is Passover no longer being celebrated as an important Jewish holiday? Studies have shown that with the changing traditions, more Jewish families participate in Passover celebration. Old traditions such as the breaking of the middle matzoh, the rituals of the seder, and the retelling of the Haggadah, continue even today.

Some families include the Passover scavenger hunt to add an element of fun for kids. Children enjoy participating in the rituals, and enacting the scenes from the Exodus. This Passover, make your celebrations come alive by marrying old customs with new ideas. These Passover quotes can add a delightful touch to your celebrations. Share them with friends and family, and make your day a kosher Happy Pesach!

Carrie Bradshaw: the Evergreen Fashion Icon on TV

Wednesday April 16, 2014

Carrie Bradshaw is my favorite fashion icon. Bradshaw, the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the hit TV series Sex and the City, has a lot of oomph and verve. Whether she wears a Versace dress or a Manolo Blahnik pair of shoes, Carrie makes her attire look drool-worthy. No wonder that she is a favorite among fashion brands.

What makes Carrie such a popular fashion icon? Does her constant relationship battles add to her beauty? Or does she appeal to the wannabe within us? Her style is not over-the-top, nor is it a careless mishmash of textures and color.

If Carrie's fashion sense appeals to you, read these Carrie Bradshaw quotes on fashion. Her rants, witty comments, and sarcasm add to her appearance. Select your favorite quotes and share them with your friends.

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