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Make Good Friday a Memorable Friday

On Good Friday, begin your day with pious thoughts. Head to your local church and attend the special prayer service. Reach out to other devout Christians and share these Good Friday quotes.

Atone for Your Sins on Good Friday
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Planning to Propose to Your Girlfriend? Don't Start Off on the Wrong Foot

Wednesday April 2, 2014

The worst thing a man could do was to make a complete fool of himself when he decides to pop the question. Let's be honest, girls! How many of us would have said, "Yes," if our boyfriend had bungled up on the most important question of our life? Unless you are crazily in love, or you have ensnared the most eligible bachelor in town, you would undoubtedly cringe at the thought of accepting a marriage proposal from a baboon.

So guys, here is a reality check: your girl may love you, but you have to put your best foot (in this case, knee) forward when you propose to your girlfriend. She may love you, but rest assured that even if she accepts your proposal, she will not let you ever forget your buffoonery.

Here are some eloquent "I love you" quotes to help you say, "Will you marry me?" Pick one that suits your style, choose a good location to pop the question, and turn on the charm. Your sweetheart is waiting to hear the magical words.

Pranks That Always Work on April Fool's Day

Friday March 28, 2014


April Fool's Day pranksters are out there, waiting to unleash their latest prank on you. YouTube and Google are well known for their innovative pranks. Last year, Google came up with the innovative 'scent-sational' prank, the Google Nose. YouTube also upped its ante by announcing that they were shutting down the website, and they were going to select the best video in the world. This prank took the Internet world by storm!

If you own an Android mobile device, you can download apps that specially cater to the prankster within you. You can download over a hundred jokes and pranks to play on your unsuspecting friends. Not to be left behind, iPhone users can also download a host of prank apps, which guarantee you giggles and guffaws.

Even social media is going to be an integral part of the April Fool's Day bandwagon. Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest are abuzz with April Fool's Day pranks. Look for ingenious ideas to play pranks on your friends. Also remember, that you could be at the receiving end of your friends' pranks. Beware!

April Fool's Day is all about enjoying a good laugh, and not taking yourself too seriously. To keep up with the theme of fun and laughter, read these funny quotes. Sign off your pranks with some of the best April Fool's Day quotes. Enjoy the history, origin, and relevance of the holiday with this article on April Fool's Day.

Ideas to Make Your Husband Falls in Love With You All Over Again

Friday March 28, 2014

The other day, I was watching a TV commercial that showed a jealous wife wondering how to ensure that her husband only has eyes for her. The ad went on to urge viewers to buy a moisturizer that would give the user a "glowing skin," the kind your husband would love to touch. As if to provide clinching evidence, the jealous wife used the moisturizer with stunning results. Not only does she look a decade younger, she also reclaims her right on her husband's heart.

It made me wonder about the advertiser's sales pitch. Many beauty products target married women who believe that their fading youth is the cause of their husband's lack of interest. After years of marriage, the intense love and romance give way to an unenthusiastic, nonchalant relationship. It may seem that the love has waned. And in the chaos of daily life, couples often forget to appreciate each other.

If you face a similar situation in your married life and want to win your husband over again, you don't have to spend money buying beauty products. Sure, you should look good, but don't buy them with the desperate hope that you would be able to rekindle the lost spark in your marriage.

Get a fresh perspective on your marriage with these marriage quotes. You can learn a lot about relationships with these husband and wife quotes. These husband quotes reveal the nature of married men, while wife quotes bring out the special characteristics of married women. If you want to say, "I love you" to your husband, use these "I love you husband" quotes.

Bring Out the Irish Within You on St. Patrick's Day

Tuesday March 11, 2014

St. Patrick's Day CelebrationsIt is said that on St. Patrick's Day, everyone goes Irish. Join the biggest Irish celebration of the year -- the St. Patrick's Day on March 17. Enjoy the festivities, join the parade, or simply hit the bar. St. Patrick's Day celebrates the death anniversary of St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland.

Christians who observe Lent fasting that restricts the consumption of meat and alcohol, find St. Patrick's Day a welcome break. On this day, Irish pubs are overflowing with revelers enjoying Irish drinks.

Send these St. Patrick's Day quotes to your friends. Encourage your friends to join you in the revelry with these Irish drinking quotes. Post these St. Patrick's Day sayings on your favorite social networking sites to show off your Irish side.

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