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Death Quotes

Short Death Quotes


For some, death is a morbid topic. It evokes bad images and sad thoughts. Some others actually see poetry in death! For instance, Walt Whitman wrote, "Nothing can happen more beautiful than death." Read this list of short death quotes and gain a deeper perspective on death.
  • William Wordsworth
    The good die first.

  • Alexander Pope
    Die of a rose in aromatic pain.

  • Alexander Pope
    The lot of man — to suffer and to die.

  • Alexander Pope
    Who dies in youth and vigour, dies the best.

  • Walt Whitman
    Nothing can happen more beautiful than death.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    Too busy with the crowded hour to fear to live or die.

  • Walt Whitman
    I see that I am to wait for what will be exhibited by death.

  • Edgar Allan Poe
    From a proud tower in the town, Death looks gigantically down.

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson
    He thought it happier to be dead, To die for Beauty, than live for bread.

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