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Friendship Is the Only Ship That Does Not Sink


Friendship is special, as it is not born out of blood ties, nor is it locked in holy matrimony. With no oaths of commitment bearing upon it, friendship flourishes on its own merit. Friends share a common bond of love, without any obligation.

On Friendship Day, share these messages of love with your best friends. Bond with your friends with love, understanding, and trust. Build a circle of friends around you, and make every day a living celebration. With good friends around, you will find life immensely fulfilling.
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Happy Friendship Day

Make the most of Friendship Day by overwhelming your friends with your expressions of love. Share happy Friendship Day messages on social networking sites and text messages. Reach out to out-of-touch friends, while forging friendships with new acquaintances. Spread happiness through your endearing words, and bring the world closer.

True Friends

Only best friends get to see the real you. With best friends, you do not need to hide away the blemishes in your personality. They will love you despite your imperfections. Share your deepest secrets, your darkest fears, and your smallest achievements with your best friends. They will not betray you when you need them the most. Express your heartfelt gratitude to your dearest friends, and bring them closer to you.

Quotes About Love and Friendship

Sometimes platonic love can ignite a few sparks, and kindle a passion so strong that best friends fall in love with each other. The transition from friendship to love may not happen suddenly; it may take years for the two friends to 'notice' each other. Love, born out of a deep-rooted friendship, can blossom into a beautiful relationship. Use these quotes of love and friendship to articulate your feelings.

Inspirational Quotes for Friends

On Friendship Day, recognize your true friends and appreciate them. For true friendship, you have to be willing to give without expecting returns. Be the rock of Gibraltar for your friend, and don't shy away from honesty, even if it makes you look bad. Such friendship can withstand the test of time.

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