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Roll With Laughter With Hilarious Quotes

Some people love quotations because they are food for thought. I love thought-provoking quotations that also make me laugh. And guess what? There are so many quotations that are truly hilarious.

Stupid Quotes
In the movie Forrest Gump, when people ask Gump, "Are you stupid or something?" he replies "Stupid is as stupid does." Even the most intelligent people on the planet have their moments of stupidity. Read these stupid quotes; faux pas committed by the supposedly smartest brains of the world. Laugh at their stupidity while you forgive your own.

Parody Quotes
Many readers enjoy modifying a well-known quote, and make it silly. This is your chance to add to the world of silliness. Take a famous quote, and make a parody.

Bumper Sticker Quotes
Do bumper stickers enhance the aesthetic appeal of your car? I do not know about that, but I do believe that they make a statement. So, if you care about the kind of statement you would want to make with your car, here's your chance. Here are a bunch of bumper stickers quotes that will help you give the world a piece of your mind.

Humor Quotes
Humor is a state of mind. If you have the humor gene in you, you will find something to laugh at. Whether it is your late arrival at office, or your boss' temperamental behavior, or your teacher's drab lecture... It is important to look at the funny side of things if you want to enjoy life each day. So, here are some humor quotes that will get...

Silly Quotes
Silliness is not limited to children. In fact, most of us occasionally act silly or say something silly. Don't think so? Let's read silly quotes made by well-known personalities. Some of these silly quotes are mind-numbingly stupid. At the very least, you will find it easier to forgive yourself the next time you catch yourself being silly.

Hilarious Quotes
Have you found yourself in a fit of giggles just watching another person laugh non-stop? Why do we find other people's laughter so funny? I guess that's why they say laughter is infectious. But this kind of infection is a health benefit. So go on and spread the virus. And if you need help to get into a non-stop laugh riot, read these hilarious quotes. Soon you will have curious onlookers laughing with you.

Humorous Quotes
When you are down and out, it is time for recreation. One of my favorite recreational activities is to grab a beverage and read some humorous quotes. These humorous quotes are not just a balm to the fatigued mind; they also perk up my mood. After all, laughter is still the best medicine.

Amusing Quotes
Quotes that ridicule rules, policies, or the government are quite amusing. If you enjoy such quotations, read this collection of amusing quotes.

Really Funny Quotes
There are funny quotes and then there are funny quotes. Some really make you guffaw, while others rarely make your lips curl in mirth. Truly, there are only a few award-winning really funny quotes that make you laugh over and over again. Here are a few really funny quotes that I think are quite different from the others.

Humorous Quotations
Humor has been around since time immemorial. In the good old days, court jesters used it to entertain their princely audiences. Nowadays, politicians use humor to hit out at their opponents. Humor works best when you want to make a sharp point without sounding rude. If you want to use this double-edged sword to make an impact on someone, read these humorous quotations.

Witty Quotes
Wit is the ability to present the truth without calling it that. It is an extremely evolved form of speech though there are many who consider it to be the lowest form of humor. Nonetheless, we all know that many a difficult point can be made using wit. Here are a few witty quotes that make a point without necessarily seeming to do so.

Hilarious Sayings
When wit catches you by surprise, it often causes uncontrolled laughter. That's how a funny situation becomes a hilarious event. Here are some unwitting hilarious sayings that will catch you off-guard and make you roll with laughter.

Humorous Sayings
Moments spent in happiness are the ones that sparkle. Humor relieves us from the burden of monotony. It rejuvenates the spirit and sharpens the mind. Read these humorous sayings to rise above the humdrum of life.

Sarcastic Quotes
Sometimes, it is not possible to silence your critics with polite words. Want to spite your peers? Or hit back at a particular Mr. Smarty Pants? Use sarcastic quotes for the ultimate punch.

Funniest Quotes
Sometimes even a simple gesture can send us into peals of laughter. Comedy experts have noted that when a comedian times his joke well, it can light up an unsuspecting audience. Sometimes it is a matter of timing. At other times, it is about the content of the message. I have read and shared many hilarious quotes on this site. But some quotes...

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