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Deciphering the Meaning of Life With Life Quotes

Each life is unique. Each life has a story to tell. And each life has its own set of lessons, experiences, and perspectives. These life quotes share infinite wisdom in a few words. If we can assimilate the meaning of even a few of these life quotes, we can lead a better life.
  1. Quotes for the Different Stages of Life (11)

Life: Love Quotes
You may bolt the doors of your heart with the iron locks of rationality. You may shield your heart's yearning with veils of sagacious prudence. But sooner or later everyone falls prey to the silliness called love. It surreptitiously creeps into the pristine recesses of our heart and with gliding strides takes over our life. If you love life, love quotes such as these will help you deal with the s…

Cute Life Quotes
With a restless soul that follows rapacious dreams, we wander through life aimlessly. While pursuing our insipid goals, we miss out on life's subtle flavors. A small act of kindness, a generous amount of time devoted to doing what we like, friends and relationships, bonds and ties, make life worth living. Read these cute life quotes and learn to...

Life Quotes
We often look externally to find meaning in life; seeking solace in religion or science, philosophy or superstition. But life's real meaning lies embedded within us. Let these life quotes get you started on a journey of soul searching.

Life Quotes and Sayings
It is strange how each of us has a unique existence. A fixed set of emotions and situations; yet each of us has a different story to tell. Every leaf is exclusive; every bird sings its own song. Find the moments that describe your story with these life quotes and sayings.

Cute Quotes About Life
Life's treasures are not always found in sculpted dreams and fulfilled aspirations. They often lie buried in those precious little moments that bring a smile to your face. Relive those small joys with cute quotes about life.

Positive Life Quotes
A fleeting glimpse around you is enough to draw inspiration, because life in itself is a great motivating factor. But your eyes will take you nowhere if your heart refuses to respond. Do not cloud your senses with negative thoughts. Open your soul to the beautiful life. Discover the joy of brightening up with these positive life quotes.

Loving Life Quotes
A baby grasping your finger with gentle hands, flowers swaying to the enchanting melody of the blowing winds, a smiling face of a loved one; life is filled with such loving moments. These moments fill your heart with untold joy. Discover the little pleasures of life with these loving life quotes.

Positive Quotes About Life
Sometimes, broken images lie scattered within the mind's deepest recesses. These are reflections of one's life; frozen in time. But the road ahead calls out. Forget the bad, and dwell upon the good. Discover the strength of the positive mind with these positive quotes about life.

Sad Quotes About Life
When the heart is burdened with grief, nothing looks bright. It is not easy to shake off the gloom. The more you try to run away from it, the more it chases you. So let us learn to face our sadness. Here are some sad quotes about life. Use them as an antidote for your depression. Flush the negativity out of your heart.

Best Quotes About Life
Seize every moment of life and make it special. This article on life gives you nuggets of wisdom along with some of the best quotes about life.

Awesome Quotes About Life
If things don't work out the way you planned, give life a second chance. With each attempt, you are getting closer to your goal. These awesome quotes about life teach you that success is a bittersweet fruit.

Good Life Quotes
When life is good, the world seems like a great place. If you have a positive spirit, you will find that life offers the good and bad on a platter. Take your pick. Here are some good life quotes.

Famous Quotes About Life
Share these famous quotes about life with your near and dear ones. Help others reform their lives through inspirational words.

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