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Christmas Quotes That Express a Religious Sentiment

It is easy to get lost in the commercial side of Christmas. But we must not forget that Christmas is primarily a religious celebration. Here are some interesting collections of religious Christmas quotes.

Christian Christmas Quotes
Christmas reminds us about the trials and tribulations of Jesus Christ. On this page, you can read Christian Christmas quotes. These quotes serve as a reminder that good always triumphs over evil.

Christmas Quotes From the Bible
From the religious point of view, Christmas is a celebration of triumph of goodness over evil. The Bible teaches us to have faith in God, for a Messiah of peace and love will come to save us. Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem and a new world emerged out of despair and suffering. Follow these Christmas quotes from the Bible and feel the power of...

Religious Christmas Quotes
For many people, Christmas is a religious celebration. Devout Christians attend the Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve and listen to preaching and sermons. Many Catholics create Nativity scenes at home and shopping malls to bring alive the birth of Jesus Christ. If you are religious, you will enjoy these religious Christmas quotes. Bring joy to your...

Christmas Sayings
Christmas traditions vary across the world. In Bethlehem, the place where Jesus Christ was said to be born, you will find a Nativity scene in almost every house. In China, you will find paper lanterns and paper flowers adorning the houses. But regardless of tradition, Christmas binds the world together in celebration and joy. Here are Christmas...

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