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Happy Birthday Quotes

So, how old are you today? Regardless of the answer, birthdays are a special day for you and your loved ones. I am proud to present some funny, some deep, and some wise birthday quotations.
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  3. Birthday Wishes for Loved Ones (11)

Famous Birthday Quotes
What would it be like if Plato or Jonathan Swift wished you a happy birthday? Would it make you feel special? Well, here are some uplifting famous birthday quotes. The authors may not be around to wish you personally, but their heartfelt birthday greeting could make you feel on top of the world.

Cute Birthday Quotes
Forgot your best friend's birthday? Don't expect to escape unscathed. Perhaps you are thinking about gifting your friend an expensive belated birthday gift. Here is a better idea. Use these cute birthday quotes to make an outstanding birthday card. These cute birthday quotes will melt a touchy heart without being overt. Now, isn't this idea more...

Birthday Cake
Here is a recipe for a unique birthday cake that you can make in less than five minutes. Interested? Bake your favorite birthday cake, with all the frosting and decoration. As a final touch, add a personalized message on the birthday cake. Not the usual, "Happy Birthday," but something special. Use the frosting to write out a personalized...

Funny Birthday Quotes
Nothing works better than the gift of laughter. So spread the joy with these funny birthday quotes. Make your loved ones' birthdays memorable.

Birthday Quotes
Your birthday is your special day. You get to make the rules for the day. Here are some wonderful birthday quotes. Start your birthday with a positive attitude. These birthday quotes will bring a smile to your face and a spring to your feet.

Happy Birthday Quote
When did you last hear someone say any of these phrases: I love you, Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, or Happy Birthday? These phrases are done to death, but they remain popular. If you like to be offbeat, you can express your feelings in a personalized and imaginative way. In each happy birthday quote on this page, you will find a unique way to...

Funny Birthday Quote
A birthday is a joyous occasion. What could be a better birthday gift than the gift of happiness? This birthday, share happiness by spreading laughter using a funny birthday quote. If you enjoy wisecracks, this page has funny birthday quotes to suit your sense of humor.

Birthday Quote
Celebrating birthdays is not merely a convention. Birthdays are occasions to celebrate one's growth, maturity, and development. Birthdays remind us that the gift of life is the most precious and important one. Here are a few quotes that offer a new perspective on birthdays and how they should be celebrated.

Birthday Card Sayings
These are quotations that you can share with your friends or loved ones on their birthdays. Each quote is a pearl of wisdom. Make an impact on your friends with these inspiring birthday quotes.

Birthday Wishes for Friends
Bring a smile on your friend's face on her birthday. You can gift her a fabulous birthday if you plan it in advance. A bit of inspiration and a huge collection of birthday quotes will help you score brownie points with your dearest friend on her birthday.

Birthday Quotes for Friends
Friendships are built brick by brick with memories of togetherness. Make every birthday of your dear friend count. Use birthday quotes for friends to brighten your friend's birthday.

Birthday Humor: Tickle Your Friends With Funny Birthday Messages
Use witty lines and funny quips to cheer up your friends on their birthday. Here are some funny birthday messages for a wacky celebration.

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