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Funny College Quotes

Rewind Your Memories to the College Days With These Funny College Quotes


Colleges are centers of learning where minds are trained. However, future leaders have had their fair share of bloopers and faux pas while in college. Such embarrassing moments make you want to hide your face in the ground. But these moments become memorable anecdotes that you will one day share with your grandkids. Read these funny college quotes and reminisce those treasured college days.

Woody Allen
I was thrown out of college for cheating on the metaphysics exam: I looked into the soul of another boy.

Frank Zappa
If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library.

George Edwin Howes
The chief value in going to college is that it's the only way to learn it really doesn't matter.

Dr. A. Lawrence Lowell
Of course there's a lot of knowledge in universities: the freshmen bring a little in; the seniors don't take much away, so knowledge sort of accumulates....

Third Law of Applied Terror
80% of the final exam will be based on the one lecture you missed and the one book you didn't read.

Alice Duer Miller
Don't ever dare to take your college as a matter of course - because, like democracy and freedom, many people you'll never know have broken their hearts to get it for you.

Elbert Hubbard
Never get married in college; it's hard to get a start if a prospective employer finds you've already made one mistake.

Mark Twain
Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.

Samuel Beckett
Dublin University contains the dream of Ireland - rich and thick.

Thomas Ehrlich
A college education should equip one to entertain three things: a friend, an idea and oneself.

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