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Bush Speech Makes Repeated Mention of Hard Work

Bush Speech


In the presidential debate between George W Bush and John Kerry, the Bush speech included repeated mentions to "hard work." Coincidentally, Kerrry did not use the expression even once. Hmmmm! what do you make of that? Here are the quotes where Bush mentions "hard work."
  • Forty-one percent of those 10 million are women. In Iraq, no doubt about it, it's tough. It's hard work. It's incredibly hard. You know why? Because an enemy realizes the stakes. The enemy understands a free Iraq will be a major defeat in their ideology of hatred. That's why they're fighting so vociferously.

  • I work with Director Mueller of the FBI; comes in my office when I'm in Washington every morning, talking about how to protect us. There's a lot of really good people working hard to do so. It's hard work. But, again, I want to tell the American people, we're doing everything we can at home, but you better have a president who chases these terrorists down and bring them to justice before they hurt us again.

  • But because Tommy Franks did such a great job in planning the operation, we moved rapidly, and a lot of the Baathists and Saddam loyalists laid down their arms and disappeared. I thought they would stay and fight, but they didn't. And now we're fighting them now. And it's hard work. I understand how hard it is. I get the casualty reports every day. I see on the TV screens how hard it is. But it's necessary work. And I'm optimistic.

  • The plan says we'll train Iraqi soldiers so they can do the hard work, and we are.

  • And as I just told you, there's going to be a summit of the Arab nations. Japan will be hosting a summit. We're making progress. It is hard work.

  • It is hard work to go from a tyranny to a democracy.

  • It's hard work to go from a place where people get their hands cut off, or executed, to a place where people are free.

  • You know, it's hard work to try to love her as best as I can, knowing full well that the decision I made caused her loved one to be in harm's way. I told her after we prayed and teared up and laughed some that I thought her husband's sacrifice was noble and worthy.

  • There are 100,000 troops trained, police, guard, special units, border patrol. There's going to be 125,000 trained by the end of this year. Yes, we're getting the job done. It's hard work.

  • Everybody knows it's hard work, because there's a determined enemy that's trying to defeat us.

  • And I believe both a free Afghanistan and a free Iraq will serve as a powerful example for millions who plead in silence for liberty in the broader Middle East. We've done a lot of hard work together over the last three and a half years.
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