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Quotes From "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald

Set in the 1920s America, "The Great Gatsby" by F. Scott Fitzgerald is a study of human behavior. The novel sketches the lives of fictional characters that do not seem all so fictional. With the help of the Great Gatsby quotes on this page, you will be able to accompany the characters as they overcome the obstacles in their lives.

Quotes From "The Great Gatsby"
F. Scott Fitzgerald's classic novel "The Great Gatsby" deals with the failure of the great American dream. It follows Jay Gatsby as he strives to acquire wealth so that he may win back Daisy -- the woman he loves. He does get Daisy, but only for a short while -- only till she realizes how he made his money. This is the tale of Gatsby's vain attempt to fulfil an unrealistic dream.

"The Great Gatsby" Quotes
It is through the eyes of Nick Carraway that we see the story of Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby" unfold. Based in the 1920s America, this novel relates the story of Jay Gatsby and his American dream. However, this dream is stained as it is money and not ideals that appears to drive the characters of the novel. But then, as the following "The...

Great Gatsby Quotes
It was in Paris that F. Scott Fitzgerald wrote "The Great Gatsby." Although this 1924 novel was not a runaway success, it was critically acclaimed. These Great Gatsby quotes clearly demonstrate why this novel has acquired the status of a classic and inspired a movie version starring none other than Robert Redford. These Great Gatsby quotes are...

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