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Marriage Quotes and Wedding Quotes

Famous English poet John Lyly once said, "Marriages are made in heaven and consummated on Earth." But a successful marriage is the work of a loving heart. Find out what makes marriages work and how this age-old institution survived the sands of time. Read thought provoking marriage quotes and discover the secret to a happy marriage.

Wedding Anniversary Wishes
Gear up with beautiful quotes for your dear one's wedding anniversary. Shower blessings of love and inspiration on your sister, daughter, son, or friend with these beautiful wedding anniversary wishes.

Wedding Blessings
"Till death do us part." This part of the wedding vows is the highlight of every wedding ceremony. As you exchange rings with your beloved, you feel a sense of oneness; a union of souls. For the newly-weds, the journey has just begun. If you want to bless the young couple with a lifetime of happiness, use these special wedding blessings. Your heartfelt wedding blessings will shine in thei…

Famous Marriage Quotes
Are you confused about whether your immaculate love deserves to translate into marriage? Do you worry about the repercussions of this double-edged sword? Well, read these famous marriage quotes and allow Abraham Lincoln, Mae West, Jane Austin, and others help you make the right choice.

Marriage Quotations
In most species, procreation with multiple partners is the norm. However, in the case of humans, monogamy is preferred. Adulterous or polygamous relationships are frowned up in society. Does this cause marriage to become monotony? If indeed variety is the spice of life, how can marriages survive purely on the basis of love? Is love powerful enough to fight off monotony? Reflect on these issues as…

Quotes About Marriage
Anybody who has been in a happy marriage will confirm that the key to a happy married life lies in the bedrock of trust and friendship. Marriage spells out a lifetime of love. With trust, you can overcome all odds. Build your marriage into a rock-steady relationship with trust. For more secrets to a successful marriage, read these quotes about marriage.

Quotes on Marriage
We see failing marriages all around us. Egocentric individuals end up in a relationship of convenience, just to be accepted by society. Display of love often becomes a perfunctory exercise. Passion withers away. What remains is compulsion. And yet, the world continues to believe in marriage. If you believe that marriage is nothing but a farce, read these sardonic quotes on marriage. Beneath the w…

Marriage Quote
In today's world of self-obsession, marriage remains a sacrosanct and unequivocal expression of commitment. Marriage is not just a union of two people. It is a confluence of values, culture, and traditions. And this is especially true when the two people getting married hail from diverse backgrounds. Marriage can work only when the couple in love is fully aware of the differences and is willing t…

Marriage Wishes
When you see the bride and the groom walking down the aisle, what thought comes to your mind? Do you think, "Oh how lucky they are to have found love!" Or do you exclaim, "How beautiful the couple look together!" If you look at the couple's faces carefully, you will see joy mixed with apprehension. These are but natural feelings for every bride...

Marriage Wish
Does every bride and groom have a last wish before they get married? Some people celebrate their last day before marriage by throwing a bachelor's party or a hen party. The objective of this party is to allow the bride-to-be and groom-to-be to let their hair down and have a wild night before entering conjugal bliss. Read each marriage wish on...

Marriage Sayings
Can you ever forget the day you got married? Certainly not! It is one of the most special occasions in your life. The words "I do" hold special meaning. These two words bear the responsibility of a lifetime of togetherness. At the time of marriage, you may not understand the implications of marriage. But when you read these marriage sayings, you will get a complete understanding about the meaning…

Marriage Love Quotes
You don't need a marriage to legitimize your relationship. Marriages are sacred vows and hence should be undertaken only when two people in love are willing to enter into a lifetime commitment. Without love there cannot be a happy marriage. After years of commitment and togetherness, boredom can set in. It's only love that can help bind the...

Marriage Quotes
What is the secret ingredient for a "happy marriage?" As famous authors offer their opinions, you realize that marriage is complicated.

Funny Marriage Quotes
Marriages may be made in heaven, but they sure have to be managed right here on earth. That's easier said than done. Take a dig at the funny side of marriage. These funny marriage quotes are good stress busters. They make you laugh at the banalities of marriage.

Wedding Quotes
Whatever you make of marriage, it is an institution that has stood the test of time. "Till death do us part" assumes great significance. Marriage is a communion of two lives. If wedding bells are going to ring in your life, it is time to ponder over the meaning of marriage. These beautiful wedding quotes are a crash course on marriage.

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