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Mother Teresa Quotes: Truly Inspirational Mother Teresa

This is a page of Mother Teresa Quotes. You will find a large collection of quotes on diverse subjects like peace, God, serving humanity, love and family, among others.

As the founder of the Missionaries of Charity in Kolkata, India, Mother Teresa is the epitome of compassion and love. Her life is a saga of courage and endurance. It is an inspiration for people devoted to the service of God and humanity. Winner of the Nobel Prize in 1979, Mother Teresa dedicated herself to the service of the poor till the end of her life. Teresa was not just any nun, she was pea…

Quotes of Mother Teresa
The greatness of this unpretentious nun from India is in her deeds. Everyone reveres her relentless work in the rehabilitation of the poor. Mother Teresa had immense love and compassion for all living beings. That is probably why her statements resonate in our hearts.

Mother Teresa Quotes: Soul Stirring Mother Teresa Quotes
When Mother Teresa speaks on issues like family, children, or God, she speaks wise truths. Her words overwhelm the reader by their profoundness. She was not just another protagonist for the weak. Her acts of selfless service to humankind touched people of all strata. She was a darling of the masses; a messiah in the garb of a nun. Let us gain from these Mother Teresa quotes.

Inspirational Mother Teresa Quotations
Each one of these Mother Teresa quotations is a refreshing view on life's mundane problems. We worry about our immediate needs. But Mother Teresa toiled a lifetime to bring a ray of sunshine in the lives of the destitute. These Mother Teresa Quotations urge us to get in touch with our conscience, the core of our existence.

Quotes by Mother Teresa: Motivating Quotes by Mother Teresa
Read these quotes by Mother Teresa, and you will be touched by her piety and devotion. Spare a thought for this great soul who lived amidst us and set an example.

Famous Wise Quotes: Mother Teresa
Mother Teresa was a fountain of love, knowledge, and inspiration. Her entire life was spent amidst the downtrodden. She cared for them as if they were her own. In these quotes, Mother Teresa emphasizes the importance of love and kindness. Her words are simple and true.

Quotes from Mother Teresa: Inspiring Quotes from Mother Teresa
There is poverty all around us. We see pictures of starving children and homeless families. Yet, life goes on, without as much as a thought to spare for others. How jaded have we become to turn a blind eye to the suffering and grief around us? It is time to rekindle our dormant inner self, and extend a helping hand. These are quotes from Mother Teresa that could be a wake up call. Rediscover yourself with these quotes from Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa Quotes on Diverse Subjects
Mother Teresa toiled endlessly for the diseased and the downtrodden. Her efforts did not go in vain. People noticed her good work and followed in her footsteps. In 1979, Mother Teresa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. On September 5, 1997, Mother Teresa left for her heavenly abode. But her words of wisdom remain a source of inspiration.

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