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Movie Quotes and TV Quotes

Find an page exclusively devoted to movie and tv quotes. You will find hilarious movie quotes, witty quips and wisecracks from your favorite movie and tv stars. Lose yourself to the romantic words from TV and movie love quotes.
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2006 Oscar Speeches
At the 78th annual Academy Awards a galaxy of stars walked the red carpet. The event was an exciting mix of celebration and restrained dejection. Jon Stewart, the host of the Awards show, kept the tempo alive with his uncanny humor. If you love movies, you will enjoy reading this page of Oscar acceptance speeches. This page contains the best Oscar acceptance speeches from Oscar 2006 ceremony. May the best Oscar acceptance speech win.

Thank You Speeches
There are a hundred interesting ways to express gratitude during the Oscars ceremony. Yet, every year we have to endure some of the most boring thank you speeches from the Academy Awards winners. However, the Oscars 2006 Awards function did present some interesting Oscar speeches. If you missed watching the show, you can catch all the action right here. Here is a page with some of the best thank you speeches of Oscars 2006.

Quotes Oscar
When you think of Dustin Hoffman, Mickey Rooney, Kathy Bates, John Wayne, you probably think of them in a specific movie. But as people they have their own thoughts and philosophies, just like the rest of us. Here are their famous words.

Oscar Acceptance Speeches
Movie fans expect celebrities to live up to their celluloid image. But when they listen to the Oscar acceptance speeches made by their favorite stars, they get a glimpse of reality. On this page, read some of the best and worst Oscar acceptance speeches. Let us hope that these memorable speeches inspire others to make outstanding speeches. As...

Oscar Acceptance Speech
If you want to read quotations of exuberance and motivation, you should read the Oscar acceptance speeches. Here are some quotes from some interesting speeches.

Oscar Speeches
When you think about Hollywood celebrities mouthing their Oscar acceptance speeches, you would think of it as an extension of their on-screen personas. But that is not necessarily the case.

Oscar Speech
So mirror mirror on the wall, which was the best Oscar speech of them all? I bring you quotations from some of the best speeches. Now you decide.

Family Guy Quotations
When you read Family Guy quotations, you will either love them or hate them. But you have to agree – Family Guy quotations can make you sit up and take notice. If you are a movie quotes fan, here is a volley of hilarious Family Guy quotations. Read and enjoy!

Quotes From Family Guy
Here is a page of a great collection of quotes from Family Guy. What I find amazing about these quotes from Family Guy is that even after reading them for the third time (and I have read them several times by now!) I find myself smirking and giggling. What about you?

Quotes: Family Guy
If you are fond of funny quotes, by now, you may have come across several funny quotes. Family Guy, I believe has a collection of quotes which are quite different from the others. They are impudent; but they do leave you smiling.

Family Guy Quotes - Stewie Griffin
You may find these Family Guy quotes really funny; or downright sacrilegious. Stewie Griffin is not your stereotypical child. In fact, of all the Family Guy quotes, Stewie Griffin's quotes are most shocking.

Family Guy Quotes - Lois And Stewie
Brace yourself for a round of hard hitting Family Guy quotes. Lois and Stewie hardly share the mother-son relationship that you would expect. You are quite likely going to balk at the dark humor of these Family Guy quotes – Lois and Stewie present their worst!

Family Guy Quotes
Find the best of Family Guy quotes on this page. If you have watched Family Guy, you will thoroughly enjoy this set of famous Family Guy quotes. If you have not watched the movie, then I assure you that after reading the famous Family Guy quotes, you are going to rush to your nearest video library. So start reading right away.

More Family Guy Quotes
If you are a fan of the movie Family Guy, you are surely looking for funny Family Guy quotes. So here is a dose of exceptionally funny Family Guy quotes. They sure are a riot.

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