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Memorable Movie Quotes

Movies are a reflection of popular culture. This makes movie quotes very interesting. Visit this rich movie quotes resource page. Here, you will find lists of movie quotes, movie quotes quizzes, actual movie sound bites and lots more.
  1. "Dumb and Dumber" Quotes (3)
  2. "Elf" Quotes (4)
  3. Boondock Saints Quotes (5)
  4. Borat Quotes (5)
  5. Funny Movie Quotes (15)
  6. Great Movie Quotes (14)
  7. Happy Gilmore Quotes (2)
  8. Harry Potter: Quotations (13)
  9. Pulp Fiction Quotes (3)
  10. Romantic Movie Quotes (7)
  11. Super Troopers Quotes (2)
  12. Tommy Boy Quotes (2)
  13. Wedding Crashers Quotes (3)
  14. Zoolander Quotes (3)

"Talladega Nights" Quotes
If you are a die hard Will Ferrell fan, Talladega Nights is a must watch movie. In Talladega Nights, expect mindless humor, fast-track racing, and a lot of advertising from Taco Bell, Pepsi, and KFC. Will Ferrell sparkles with his absurdities and hilarious lines. You can sample the humor of the movie through these Talladega Nights quotes.

Fight Club Quotes
For those who get a high by watching action movies, Fight Club is a must-watch. The movie has lean mean macho-fighters, hard-core duels, and adrenalin-surging fight scenes. Brad Pitt fans will love him in the role of Tyler Durden. Secret fighting clubs and primal instincts are no longer taboo according to this movie. Let your adrenalin soar with...

"A Time to Kill" Quotes
"A Time to Kill" is a story of white supremacy in the small town of Canton, Mississippi. The author uses brutal rape and attempt to murder as the central theme of the story. You can't help feeling angry and sad at the same time, when you read "A Time to Kill" quotes. These quotes spread a socially relevant message.

Quotes From "A Time to Kill"
"A Time to Kill" is a heart rending story of a father who fights for justice after his ten year old daughter is brutally assaulted. In these quotes from "A Time to Kill," you feel the sorrow of a father, who does not give up his fight for justice despite facing mortal danger. Learn what it means to be a father in a racist society with these quotes from "A Time to Kill."

V for Vendetta Movie Quotes
To spread bitter destruction and annihilate the government is the aim of V, the main protagonist of the film "V for Vendetta." His rescue of Evey Hammond makes him gain an ally to help him in his mission. Throughout the film, the characters keep looking for freedom from this dystopian universe. These V for Vendetta movie quotes bring out the feelings of torment, helplessness, violence, and hope.

Quotes from V for Vendetta
V for Vendetta began as a comic book series. Written by Alan Moore and illustrated by David Lloyd, it is based in an England which is under a totalitarian and oppressive government. V is an anarchical character who wants to bring about a revolution and destroy this government. However, his actions will affect the lives of other people. These quotes from V for Vendetta reveal the feelings and attitudes of the characters in the film.

V for Vendetta Quotes
In the film V for Vendetta, V is a shadowy freedom fighter fighting against the tyranny of the state. This shrewd and charismatic character stands for individuality and justice. He hopes to reform a society which has come under the corruption and oppression of the government. These V for Vendetta quotes reveal charisma, shrewdness, and passion.

Cute Movie Quotes
Read some cute movie quotes that truly touch your heart. These cute movie quotes are noteworthy. I find these movie quotes cute because they can trigger tender feelings within us. Take your pick from this collection of cute movie quotes. If you like this collection, email it to your friends.

Quotes from Movies
Have you come across a collection of great quotes from movies that make you wonder at the brilliant interplay of words? Here is my collection of what I consider as great quotes from movies. Read on.

Scarface Quotes
When you read quotes from the famous movie Scarface, you will know what makes a movie outstanding. Scarface quotes are by far the most popular movie quotes. Devout fans of Scarface have rated famous Scarface quotes as the best among the movie quotes category. Are you curious to know more? Here is a collection of the best of Scarface quotes.

Movie Quotations
A good script leads to memorable movie quotations. I have found that movies with good movie quotations remain etched in the memories of people. I have a list of movie quotations that have made movies highly popular. Read this exclusive collection of movie quotations and find out for yourself.

Famous Movie Quotes
Don’t bother reading large lists of famous movie quotes. Here is a collection of select famous movie quotes that will enthrall you. These movie quotes have been selected from a restricted collection of famous movies. Here is a sample from the list of famous movie quotes: "Life after death is as improbable as sex after marriage."

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