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Pulp Fiction Quotes

One of the most popular movies among movie-quote lovers is Pulp Fiction. It is a movie about gangsters and petty thieves. The movie may not be on everybody's 'list of favorites,' but it did catch the audience's fancy with its unstructured storyline, crazy characters, and crazier dialogues. Get into all the action with these Pulp Fiction movie quotes.

Pulp Fiction Movie Quotes
So what's great about Pulp Fiction, you might ask. The movie's biggest USP is its power-packed dialogues. Nobody can forget the scene where Jules Winnfield (Samuel Jackson) quotes Ezekiel from the Bible. Superb acting combined with brilliant dialogue delivery. When you read Pulp Fiction movie quotes, you can almost hear the voices of the actors...

Pulp Fiction Quotes
Pulp Fiction is a movie that cannot be everyone's favourite. Pulp Fiction captures our imagination with its conflicting themes; it is funny but gory, cruel yet sweet. You cannot miss the razor-sharp dialogues loaded with wit. These Pulp Fiction quotes try to communicate the softer side of 'bad' guys. They express that like the rest of us, the 'baddies' too have real emotions, weaknesses and beliefs. Enjoy a lazy afternoon by reading this collection of Pulp Fiction quotes.

Pulp Fiction Quote
By creating Pulp Fiction, director Quentin Tarantino has set the creative ball rolling. He raised the bar by treating the audience to an intelligently scripted, crisply edited movie that is Pulp Fiction. Despite the length of the film, the movie has good pace to keep the audience enthralled. Each Pulp Fiction quote on this page is my favourite. Pulp Fiction fans will agree with me that the movie has many memorable quotes. Add your favorite Pulp Fiction quote in your list.

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