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Reading quotations is highly addictive. This is especially true when the quotes are in tune with your current mood or situation. If you enjoy reading popular quotations, here are some of my collections, organized by topic.
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Year after year, Hollywood churns out fantasies of adventure, love, mystery, and science fiction. Some movies bite the dust before they make a mark. Others go on to make big bucks at the box office. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life? When you read movie quotes you will realize that movies and real-life seem to mirror each other.


Friendship is the elixir of life, a balm for the broken soul, and a bond that unites individuals. A true friend is a rare gem. Learn to be a pillar of strength for a friend, and in the bargain, make a true friend. Gain insight into friendship by reading these quotes.


Love is a powerful emotion that can build or destroy civilizations. It can sweep rational thought out of our mind. Love, like other emotions, changes over time. "First love" is heady passion. "Young love" is about admiration and friendship. As years roll by, love develops into a secure emotional bond.

Heartbreak & Grief

Is the death of a fetus easier to endure than the death of an older child? Is the grief of losing a limb greater than the grief of losing a life? There is no such thing as greater or lesser grief. One person's sadness is as great as another's. If you are grieving, express yourself, and allow the wound to heal.

Television Shows

The television industry has grown at a rapid pace, often raking more dollars in a single episode than a blockbuster movie does in a week. Popular shows such as Sex and the City, Desperate Housewives, One Tree Hill, and many others dare to walk on eggshells by highlighting sensitive topics. Reality and game shows have converted spectators into active participants.


The lone mountain climber tries to scale impossible heights. The deep-sea diver seeks answers in the ocean's depths. The athlete wants to better the record every time. What drives people to perform unbelievable feats? All human achievement needs motivation.


Proverbs are as old as the hills. They have been passed on through generations as parcels of wisdom. Every culture has its unique collection of proverbs. Their content may vary, but the underlying wisdom has universal appeal. Values such as honesty, integrity, and character are upheld through proverbs.


Religion may be a personal choice. But spirituality is necessary for human beings to achieve a higher plane of existence. Spiritual thought aims to bridge the gap between the rational and the inexplicable. You can follow the path of religion or meditate to seek your spiritual self.


You may not be playing the game, but you can feel the throbbing excitement. That's the magic of sports. Only a true fan knows the passion of the game. A sport is not just about winning. It's about proving oneself.


Family members are the only ones who truly know and understand us. Building a happy and successful family takes a lot of patience and perseverance. When trouble knocks at your door, you can count on your family for help. Some of these inspirational family quotes remind us to cherish and love our family.


Nothing breaks ice better than the warmth of laughter. Whether you want to make new friends, or ease out of a sticky situation, humor is the best remedy. You don't need an occasion to crack a joke. You don't need a reason to laugh.


Some quotes are just too cute. One gets a warm, fuzzy feeling when one reads them. Here is a collection of cute quotes on a variety of topics.

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