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TV Quotes - Top TV Quotes

Here is a collection of top TV quotes. Television is so ubiquitous that some of the top shows have become an integral part of our lives. I get a lot of requests for TV quotes. So here it is, the new addition to the Quotations site - TV Quotes.
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  2. Bring Alive Memories With Some of the Best Quotes From Sex and the City (9)
  3. Desperate Housewives Quotes (3)
  4. One Tree Hill Quotes (7)

"Friends" Quotes
When the popular sitcom "Friends" was first aired on TV, nobody would have imagined that it would run for 10 years in over one hundred countries. Many comedy shows ran successfully but "Friends" became a cult phenomenon. This page has a collection of some of the funniest and memorable "Friends" quotes. Enjoy these "Friends" quotes while you hang out with your friends. If you miss your old friends, you will find great comfort in these funny quotes from Friends.

Quotes From the TV Show "Friends"
Do you have a friend who has an annoying habit that just ticks you off? Should you correct him as politely as you can? Or should you accommodate his habit knowing that nobody's perfect? If you don't know what you should do, watch Friends, the popular TV show for guidance. In this show, you will learn how six friends deal with each other's idiosyncrasy without upsetting the delicate balance of friendship.

"Friends" TV Show Quotes
In the popular TV show Friends, you get to view the lighter side of relationships. Monica and Chandler, who were initially "just friends," discover that they make a great couple. Ross and Rachel attempt to find a level ground for their unstable relationship. Phoebe finds a partner in Mike. Joey revels in his "no commitment" status. Season 10

The Office: TV Show Quotes
When you have another dreary day at work, come home and watch the TV show, The Office. Every strain of fatigue on your face will be replaced by laughter lines. This show has them all - obnoxious bosses, employee politics, rigid deadlines, and unavoidable screw-ups. Grab a light moment and learn the ropes of the corporate jungle with these quotes.

Scrubs Quotes
The hilarious TV show, Scrubs, focuses on the life of a young medical intern JD. Follow him, as he wades through his daily struggles, neurotic patients, tough superiors, and nutty colleagues. The comedy is layered with insults, funny put-downs, and goofy sequences.

OC Quotes
The Orange County, or The OC as it is popularly known, is a television drama series revolving around teens of the Orange County area. The OC was originally aired on FOX in America in 2003, but eventually gained worldwide popularity. Currently, The OC has been broadcast in over 50 countries. Owing to the growing popularity of the young adults of this small but eventful community, I have created this collection of memorable OC quotes from the famous TV drama.

Quotes from Grey's Anatomy
In a particular episode of Grey's Anatomy we see Meredith Grey's mother suffering from Alzheimer's. The fact that she used to be a brilliant surgeon does not make her immune to a disease which has made her forget so much about her life. In spite of being a doctor, Meredith is unable to help her mother recover. It just reminds one that doctors are just as susceptible to problems as the rest of us. The following quotes from Grey's Anatomy reveal the trials and tribulations of young doctors.

Grey's Anatomy Quotes
Meredith Grey, a surgical intern, is the main protagonist of the show Grey's Anatomy. She is a young woman who is torn between the demands of her profession and her personal hopes and aspirations. The other young interns also face similar challenges. The following Grey's Anatomy quotes remind us that doctors aren't blessed with divine powers. They are human too.

Funny Sex and the City Quotes
Sex and the City, the hit comedy on HBO, is not just about sex. The serial reveals flaws in relationships and makes sarcastic jibes on the sacrosanct. Catch yourself grinning when you read funny Sex and the City quotes.

Sex and the City Quotes
The hit comedy Sex and the City has beautifully captured the turmoil of modern women stuck in a fast paced city. The main characters – Charlotte, Miranda, Carrie and Samantha – seductively attack our prejudices with snide remarks about our make-believe happy life. Go on and read these excellent Sex and the City quotes.

Quotes: Family Guy
If you are fond of funny quotes, by now, you may have come across several funny quotes. Family Guy, I believe has a collection of quotes which are quite different from the others. They are impudent; but they do leave you smiling.

Family Guy Quotes - Stewie Griffin
You may find these Family Guy quotes really funny; or downright sacrilegious. Stewie Griffin is not your stereotypical child. In fact, of all the Family Guy quotes, Stewie Griffin's quotes are most shocking.

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